Document Description
Local government; creation of regional development authorities; provide
Georgia Raw Dairy Act; enact
Local government; appointment and removal of municipal court judges; revise provisions
The Zoning Procedures Law; revise
Cobb County; office of tax commissioner; change compensation of commissioner and certain employees
Cobb County; Probate Court; change compensation of sheriff, chief deputy and others
Adel, City of; change corporate limits
Professions and businesses; certain advertisements related to plumbing; prohibit
Professions and businesses; certain advertisements related to plumbing; prohibit
Superior and State Court Appellate Practice Act; enact
Superior and State Court Appellate Practice Act; enact
Controlled substances; Schedule I and IV; change certain provisions
"Jaye Mize Law"; promoting illegal drag racing and laying drags; provide for an offense
Public Officers; suspension of compensation because of indictment for a felony; provide
Medicaid; postpartum coverage under Medicaid from six months to one year following birth; increase
Contracts; certain provisions relating to retainage of progress payments; change
Watercraft; certain watercraft to have day and night visual distress signals on board when on coastal waters of Georgia; require
General appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023
Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act; a medical or traumatic condition includes a mental health condition or substance use disorder; emergency medical services include post-stabilization services; clarify
Grandparents or Family Members Visitation Rights; provisions regarding visitation actions brought by certain grandparents of minor children; revise
Game and fish; hunting and trapping of raccoons and opossum year round; authorize
Game and fish; possession of cervid carcasses; remove definitions; provisions
Natural Resources, Dept. of; attempt to prevent net loss of land acreage available for hunting on state owned lands; extend date
Game and fish; rebuttable presumption of violation by individuals in possession of hunting paraphernalia while on others' lands; provide
Georgia Economic Recovery Act of 2021; enact
Ad valorem tax; timber equipment and timber products held by timber producers; provide exemption
Speech-language pathologists and audiologists; revise licensing provisions
Funeral directors and embalmers; reinstatement of lapsed license under certain conditions; provide
Georgia Board of Dentistry; revise composition
Quality Basic Education Act; recess for students in kindergarten and grades one through five; provide
Sales and use tax; exemption for sale or lease of computer equipment of high-technology companies; revise spending threshold and extend sunset date
Health and insurance; clarify that the prudent layperson standard is not affected by the diagnoses given
Motor vehicles; standards for issuance of dealer license plates; provide
Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority; provide for definitions; provisions
Income tax; change certain definitions
Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Act of 2021; enact
Psychiatric Advance Directive Act; enact
Mableton, City of; incorporate
HIV Tests; modernization of HIV related laws to align with science; provide
"Law Enforcement Strategic Support Act" or "LESS Crime Act"; enact
"Georgia Behavioral Health and Peace Officer Co-Responder Act"; enact
Wiretapping, Eavesdropping, Surveillance; use of any device to photograph or record patients in a health care facility shall be unlawful; provide
Wrongful Death; a parent who is determined to be responsible for the homicide of his or her child shall have no right of recovery against the value of the child's life; provide
Watercraft; any person 15 years of age or older to operate a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 vessel; authorize
Sentence and Punishment; any time after conviction; defendant convicted of an offense and sentenced as a direct result of being a victim of trafficking for labor or sexual servitude may petition the sentencing court to grant the relief of vacatur; provide
Hospitals and Health Care Facilities;hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to utilize surgical smoke evacuation systems during surgical procedures to protect patients and health care workers from the hazards of surgical smoke; require
Property Boundary Lines; plane coordinates for defining and stating geographic position within this state as the Georgia State Plane Coordinate System; designate
Road Projects; the use of the design-build contracting method by counties; authorize
Employment Security; certain nonprofit organizations have the option of making installment payments to finance unemployment benefits paid to its employees for certain time periods during the COVID-19 public health emergency; provide
Department of Community Health; conduct a comprehensive review of provider reimbursement rates for home and community based services covered by the waiver programs; require
Native American Tribes; recognize
Isaiah "Coach" Berry Memorial Intersection; Barrow County; dedicate
Income tax; tax credits for contributions to rural hospital organizations; increase aggregate limit
Mental health; adult mental health programs; provide licensure
Georgia Caregivers Act; create
Insurance; guaranteed asset protection waiver; revise definition
Medicaid; coverage for annual mammograms at no cost to recipient; provide
Hospital Authorities and Designated Teaching Hospitals; definitions; revise
Healthcare Services; guidelines for the prior authorization of a prescribed medication for chronic conditions requiring ongoing medication therapy; provide
Income tax; affiliated corporations file separate or consolidated returns; provisions
Mobile food service establishments; operate in county of origin or other counties without an additional permit; provide
"Protecting Georgia Businesses and Workers Act"; enact
"Inform Consumers Act" enact
Department of Administrative Services; companies owned or operated by China to bid on or submit a proposal for a state contract; prohibit
Department of Administrative Services; companies owned or operated by Russia to bid on or submit a proposal for a state contract; prohibit
Forming Open and Robust University Minds (FORUM) Act; enact
State Government; state and local governments from mandating vaccine passports; prohibit
Motor vehicles; use of personal delivery devices to transport cargo; authorize
Motor vehicles; amber strobe lights; permitting requirements; exempt low speed vehicles
Insurance; minimum nonforfeiture interest rate for individual deferred annuities; decrease
Camden County Public Service Authority Act; enact
Sales and use tax; exemption for sales of admissions to nonrecurring major sporting events; revise
OneGeorgia Authority Act; grant program to establish primary care medical facilities in health professional shortage areas; provide
State Board of Nursing Home Administrators; revise composition
Motor vehicles; revise definition of all-terrain vehicle
Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund; authority to make alternative investments; repeal certain restrictions
Insurance; unfair trade practices and unlawful inducements; provide for exclusions
Health; influenza vaccinations for discharged patients; lower age to 50
Property; nonjudicial foreclosure of time-share estates; authorize
Revenue and taxation; certain violations of registration requirements for motor vehicles operated by motor carriers; increase penalty
Motor vehicles; heavy-duty equipment motor vehicle; revise definition
Motor vehicles; law enforcement vehicles be equipped with primarily blue flashing or revolving lights; provide
Criminal procedure; increase time allotted to try a criminal case in judicial emergencies; provide
Motor vehicles; federal regulations regarding safe operation of commercial motor vehicles and carriers; update reference date
Local government; audits of funds may be conducted in accordance with statutory accounting principles; provide
Education; provision that reduced the amount of certain funding to state charter schools that offer virtual instruction; remove
Natural Resources, Department of; earliest effective date for certain rules and regulations; delay
Community Health, Department of; statistical reports data relating to state health plans be posted on department website; require
Education; prohibit students who participate in 4-H sponsored activities or programs from being counted as absent from school
Insurance; allow plan sponsor to consent on behalf of an enrollee to electronic delivery of all communication
Revenue and taxation; Internal Revenue Code and Internal Revenue Code of 1986; define terms and incorporate certain provisions of federal law into Georgia law
Courts; clerks of superior courts; provide for construction
Childhood Lead Exposure Control Act; revise
Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act; revise provisions and short title
Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office; revise annexation reporting requirements
Labor and industrial relations; right of action against a county or city employer for retaliation; provide
Criminal procedure; compensation for public defenders and assistant public defenders; revise
Labor and industrial relations; workers' compensation benefits; change certain provisions
Putnam County; State Court; district attorney shall represent the state in all criminal prosecutions and perform the duties of solicitor-general; provide
Code Revision Commission; revise, modernize, correct errors or omissions
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council; revise and update composition of advisory board
Long County; Board of Commissioners; revise provisions for staggering of terms of office
Domestic relations; dating violence protective orders; revise a definition
Local government; annexation of territory; revise provisions relating to dispute resolution
Atlantic Judicial Court; minimum supplement each county shall provide to the judges of the superior court; provide
Cobb County; State Court; chief deputy clerk and clerk; change salary
Paulding County; Board of Commissions; provide office of county manager
Gwinnett County; State Court; provide for an additional judge
Flovilla, City of; City of Jackson; City of Jenkinsburg; Butts County; Water and Sewer Authority; increase size and reconstitute members
Special license plates; Tybee Island Historical Society; establish
Retirement; benefits for judges of probate courts; revise method through which certain actuarial equivalents are determined
Fire protection and safety; random drug tests for certain firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, paramedics, and cardiac technicians; require
Professions and businesses; massage therapy; revise a definition
Public utilities; one-time right of way permit fee and reduce annual right of way use fees; establish
Employment security; change definition of employment to include services performed by an individual for wages
Judicial Legal Defense Fund Commission; establish
Professions and businesses; licensure of individuals in the practice of applied behavior analysis; provide
Guardian and ward; petition for appointment of temporary guardian of minor filed in probate court may be transferred to juvenile court; provide
Income tax; rehabilitation of historic structures; revise tax credits
Evidence; expert testimony in criminal cases; change rules
Commerce and trade; commercial recordings, musical performances, and audiovisual works; provide protections
Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit; superior court; provide additional judge
Guardian and ward; payment of certain settlements involving claims of minors; clarify and revise procedures and requirements
South Georgia Judicial Circuit; additional judge of the superior court; provide
Georgia Legislative Retirement System; retirement allowance; increase
Banking and finance; financial institutions; provide for numerous updates
Conservation and natural resources; extend date for hazardous waste fees
Georgia Rare Disease Advisory Council; provide establishment
Local government; development authorities; cap the per diem allowance available to directors
Sales and use tax; special district mass transportation; local government; provisions
Insurance; update regulation of company holding systems
Professional counselors; licensing requirements; change certain definitions
Property; deeds; require electronic filing
Perry, Mr. Dennis Arnold; compensate
County and municipal governing authorities; grant temporary tax relief to properties severely damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster and located within a nationally declared disaster area; provide - CA
Robinson, Kerry; compensate
Property; conveyance of certain state owned property; authorize
Property; granting of nonexclusive easements; authorize
James J. Boss Memorial Roundabout; Barrow County; dedicate
Children and Youth Services; registration of maternity supportive house residences to provide housing for pregnant women; provide
State and Other Flags; pledge of allegiance to the state flag; add language
Education; agents and agent's permits; to repeal definitions of such terms; provisions; remove
Retirement; prohibition of granting postretirement benefit adjustments to any individual who became a member on or after July 1, 2009; remove
"Fair Business Practices Act of 1975,"; class action suits and for damages for violating the requirements for solicitations for corporate filings; provide
Mountain Judicial Circuit; third judge of the superior courts; provide
Emergency Medical Services Personnel; Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to retain certain fingerprints under certain conditions; authorize
National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974; civil penalties; revise
Bails, Bonds; human trafficking as a bailable offense; add the offense
Mortgage Lenders and Brokers; different categories of felony convictions for purposes of investigations of mortgage loan originator applicants; provide
Agricultural Commodity Commission for Propane; full or partial remote communication with regard to public hearings; provide
Time-Share Projects and Programs; nonjudicial foreclosure of time-share estates; authorize
Death Investigations; medical examiner's inquiry when a pregnant female dies and an inquest; require
Commerce; a litigation bar on governmental entities regarding certain statewide opioid litigation; provide
Communications Officers; 9-1-1 communications officers receive training in the delivery of high-quality telephone cardiopulmonary resuscitation; require
State Government; certain procedural requirements and considerations for the adoption of rules by state agencies that are applicable to charitable organizations; provide
State Employment Service and the Employment Security Administration Fund; change certain provisions
Education; needs based financial aid program; include eligibility for students with a financial aid gap
State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia; establish a program to promote the creation and expansion of registered apprenticeship programs in the state; provide
General Educational Development (GED) Diplomas; update and replace terminology; state approved high school equivalency (HSE) diplomas; provide
Education; curricula or training programs which encourage certain concepts; prevent use of
Parents' Bill of Rights; enact
Teachers Retirement System of Georgia; employ beneficiaries; permit public school systems
Education; calculation of minimum revenue obligations for scholarships and tuition grants; provide for the inclusion of earned interest
Sale or Distribution of Harmful Materials to Minors; provisions of Code Section 16-12-103 shall be applicable to libraries operated by schools; provide
Local Boards of Education; all meetings of local boards of education shall be open to the public except as otherwise provided by law; provide
Courts; reestablishment of the Criminal Case Data Exchange Board as an advisory board to The Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia; provide
Income tax; revise rates of taxation on income, A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Chapter 7 of Title 48 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to income taxes, so as to revise the rates of taxation on income; to provide for related matters; to provide for an effective date and applicability; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.
Crimes and offenses; prosecute offenses involving criminal gang activity; provide for concurrent authority
Criminal procedure; each act of child molestation charged as a separate offense; provide
Traffic offenses; enhanced penalties for violations of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer; provide
Atkinson County; Probate Court; authorize collection of technology fee
Cobb County; State Court; change compensation of judges
City of Bloomingdale Community Improvement Districts Act; create
Locust Grove, City of; ad valorem tax; municipal purposes; provide homestead exemption
City of Rincon Community Improvement Districts Act; enact
Dawson County; Board of Elections; provide for appointment of fifth member
Professions and businesses; exempt a certified peace officer employed as an independent contractor from certain requirements
Coweta Judicial Circuit; Superior Court; change supplemental salaries for judges
Brookhaven, City of; levy an excise tax
Grovetown, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
Dougherty County; levy an excise tax
Dougherty County; Magistrate Court; impose and collect county law library fees
Jefferson, City of; fully replace current charter
Gilmer County; levy an excise tax
Kennesaw, City of; corporate limits; change provisions
Elbert County; board of elections and registration; create
Colbert, City of; staggered, four-year terms for the mayor and councilmembers; revise provisions
Milton, City of; senior homestead exemption; modify maximum income
Milton, City of; senior homestead exemption; increase
Milton, City of; homestead exemption for citizens age 65 years or older meeting certain income requirements; repeal
Paulding County; School District; residents 65 years or older shall be exempt from ad valorem taxation for education purposes
Chattahoochee County Transportation Authority; add Harris County and Unified Government of Cusseta-Chattahoochee County
Waycross Convention and Visitors Bureau Authority; add two additional directors
Bryan County; board of elections and registration; add two members
Pike County School District; increase exemptions for residents age 62 or older and provide new exemption for residents age 70 or older
Union City Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Fulton County; ad valorem tax for educational purposes; provide homestead exemption
Macon County; Board of Education; revise compensation
Gilmer County; Probate Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Savannah Development and Renewal Authority; members; revise provisions
Berrien County; Probate Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Walton County Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Sumter County; board of elections and registration; provide compensation of members in certain circumstances
Worth County Building Authority Act; enact
Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit; chief judge; provide for designation
Woodland, City of; provide new charter
Varnell, City of; change corporate boundaries
Dallas, City of; municipal court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Dallas, City of; levy an excise tax
Dallas, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; establish tax allocation districts
Cherokee County; State Court; modify compensation of judges
Long County Building and Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Jackson, City of; provide for a city manager
Fayette County; State Court; change compensation of judge and solicitor
Fayette County; State Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Canton, City of; provide new charter
Guyton, City of; provide new charter
Flemington, City of; levy an excise tax
Sylvester, City of; Public Facilities Authority; revise definition of "project"
Houston County; Probate Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Taylor County; ad valorem tax for educational purposes; provide homestead exemption
Probate Court of Crisp County; office of judge; future elections; provide
Georgia Public Safety Training Center; reimbursement of certain costs incurred by active duty, retired, or honorably discharged members of the US armed forces who are attending basic law enforcement training; provide
Lanier County Building Authority; definition of "project"; revise
Firearms by Convicted Felons and First Offender Probationers; each firearm in the possession or attempted possession of certain offenders shall be charged as a separate offense; specify
City of Carrollton, Georgia; exercise all redevelopment and other powers under Article IX, Section II, Paragraph VII(b) of the Georgia Constitution; authorize
City of Stockbridge; corporate limits of such municipality; change
Town of Lyerly; annexation of certain territory into the boundaries of the city; provide
City of Doraville; levy on excise tax; procedures, conditions, and limitations; provide
City of Doraville; the amount of a homestead exemption from City of Doraville ad valorem taxes; revise
"City of Cedartown Public Facilities Authority Act"; enact
Rockdale County School District; ad valorem taxes for educational purposes; increase the exemption
Henry County; compensation of such judge of the Probate Court; change the provisions
Board of Education of Warren County; compensation provisions for the chairperson and for members of the board; revise
City of Senoia Building and Facilities Authority; create
Rockdale County Public Facilities Authority; create
Chattahoochee Hills Convention and Visitors Bureau Authority; create
Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund; certain communications officers shall be eligible for membership in such fund; provide
Montgomery County; abolish mode of compensating sheriff; repeal Act
Montgomery County; Board of Elections and Registration; create
Swainsboro, City of; corporate limits; change provisions
Lincoln County; Board of Education; provide compensation of members
Cochran, City of; levy an excise tax
Upson County; ad valorem tax for county purposes; provide homestead exemption
Income tax; certain retirement income for military service; provide exemption
Early County; school district ad valorem tax; provide homestead exemption
Bryan County; State Court; authorize collection of technology fee
Morrow, City of; increase homestead exemption
Bremen, City of; Municipal Court; charge technology fee