Document Description
Revenue and taxation; water and sewer projects and costs tax (MOST); provide for audits of tax by state auditor under certain conditions
Retirement and pensions; eligible large retirement system's assets that may be invested in alternative investments; increase percentage
Motor vehicles; recording of odometer readings upon certificates of title; exempt certain vehicles
Crimes and offenses; victims of stalking; expand applicability of protective orders
The Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact Act; enact
Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact Act; enact
Controlled substances; Schedules I, II, III, IV, and V; change certain provisions
Health; term limits for members of joint hospital authorities; provide
The Professional Counselors Licensure Compact Act; enact
Torts; transfer of structured settlement payment rights; provide new requirements
South Fulton, City of; change corporate boundaries
Georgia Composite Medical Board; require certain training relating to sexual misconduct for members
Local government; prohibit annexations of county operated airport property
Criminal procedure; revise certain arrest powers; provisions
Property; creation, declaration and priority of liens for labor, services, or materials performed or furnished by registered interior designers; provide
Code Revision Commission; revise, modernize and correct errors or omissions
State treasury; establishment or revision of certain Trust Funds; provide
Labor, Department of; employment security; change certain provisions
Animals; Companion Local Government Animal Trust Fund for reimbursement of impoundment expenses incurred by local governments; provide
Public Safety and Judicial Facilities Act; enact
Mental health; marriage and family therapists to perform certain acts which physicians and others are authorized to perform; authorize
Cohutta, City of; provide new charter
General appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022
Crimes and offenses; provide for the crime of theft by possession of stolen mail
Board of Community Affairs; approving transfer of Forsyth County from Georgia Mountains Regional Commission to Atlanta Regional Commission; ratify action
Property; conveyance of certain state owned property; authorize
Property; granting of non-exclusive easements; authorize
Katie Poff Memorial Interchange; Baldwin County; dedicate
Lucci, Dominic Brian; compensate
Savannah Logistics Technology Innovation Corridor; designate
Jones, Mark Jason; compensate
Gardiner, Kenneth Eric; compensate
Revenue and Taxation; financial institutions to provide certain information related to delinquent taxpayers to the Department of Revenue under certain conditions; require
DeKalb County School Districts; boundaries of the City of Atlanta independent school systems are not extended by annexation; provide
"Georgia Uniform Mediation Act"; enact
Code Of Georgia; enactment of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated; revise provisions
DeKalb County; conditions upon the expansion of the boundaries of the City of Decatur independent school systems; provide
Early County; school district ad valorem taxes; educational purposes; provide homestead exemption
Health; certain medical personnel to administer vaccines during public health emergencies under certain conditions; authorize
Professions and Businesses; patient protection measures for patients undergoing sedation in certain settings; provide
"Ensuring Transparency in Prior Authorization Act"; enact
Georgia Commission on E-Commerce and Freight Infrastructure Funding; create
Public Officers; suspension of compensation; felony; provide -CA
Charlotte Nash Intersection; Gwinnett County; dedicate
Airport Infrastructure and Improvements; create Joint Study Committee
Ad valorem tax; qualified timberland property; add a definition
Agriculture; hemp farming; compliance with federal laws and regulations; provide
Georgia Carbon Sequestration Registry; inclusion of building products in construction; provisions
Ad valorem tax; property; expand an exemption for agricultural equipment and certain farm products
Heritage trust program; sale of Patrick's Fishing Paradise to a private entity; authorize
Torts; certain persons, firms, or corporations who are buyers of land for conversion of timber shall be exempt from certain liabilities; provide
Permit Required for Burning Woods, Lands, and Marshes or Other Flammable Vegetation; except certain yard waste from permitting
Agricultural Commodity Commissions; public hearings with online public comment opportunities; replace
Health; prohibit providers from discriminating against potential organ transplant recipients due solely to the physical or mental disability of the potential recipient
Criminal procedure; requirements for awards made from Georgia Crime Victims Emergency Fund to medical service providers; provide
Public utilities and public transportation; prohibit governmental entities from adopting any policy that prohibits the connection or reconnection of any utility service based upon the type or source of energy or fuel
Postsecondary education; exemption applicable to certain institutions operating on military installations or bases; revise provisions
Fair Business Practices Act of 1975; solicitations of services for corporate filings required by the Secretary of State; provide for requirements
Motor vehicles; federal regulations regarding safe operation of motor carriers and commercial motor vehicles; update reference date
Special license plates; support breast cancer related programs; amend logo design
Sexual Assault Reform Act of 2021; enact
Sales and use tax; local authorities providing public water or sewer service; exempt
Insurance; require certain insurers to make at least one reasonably priced comprehensive major medical health insurance policy available
Highways, bridges, and ferries; proposal guaranty for bids upon certain projects; provide
Postsecondary education; student athletes may receive compensation for use of name, image, or likeness; provide
Georgia Pharmacy Practice Act; pharmacy care; revise definition
Jasper, City of; reincorporate and provide new charter
Senator Johnny Isakson Bridge; Chatham County; dedicate
Department of Human Services; offenses of improper sexual contact by employee or agent in the first and second degrees; revise
HOPE Scholarship; procedure for students with disability as defined by the American with Disabilities Act to apply for a waiver; establish
Ad Valorem Taxation of Property; requiring that mobile homes procure and display decals; grant counties the option
Education; State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia to award high school diplomas; provide
"The Learning Pod Protection Act"; exemptions applicable to learning pods, student attendance, administrative and judicial proceedings; provide
"OneGeorgia Authority Act"; grant program to support border region retail and tourism projects; provide
Public Disclosure; certain personal records of state and federal employees; exempt
Education; school climate rating does not include discipline data; provide
"Noncovered Eye Care Services Act"; enact
Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act; revise prior school year requirement
Termination of Residential Lease; victims of stalking; provide
Office of College and Career Transitions; change name to the Office of College and Career Academies
Public officers and employees; paid parental leave for eligible state employees and eligible local board of education employees; provide
Distilled spirits; initiate a referendum election for the authorization of the issuance of licenses; provide additional method
Transportation; eligible expenditures; Georgia Freight Railroad Program; provisions
Health; eliminate duplicative state licensure and regulation of clinical laboratories; provisions
Alcoholic Beverages; food service establishments to sell mixed drinks for off-premises consumption in approved containers under certain conditions; allow
License Plates; specialty license plate supporting members of the United States Army Rangers; establish
Military; pay for certain active duty by the organized militia; authorize
Georgia State Indemnification Fund; replace the term National Guard with the term organized militia
Financial institutions; clarify and remove superfluous language; provisions
Torts; provide certain immunities from liability claims regarding COVID-19; extend applicability for one year
Funeral directors and embalmers; multiple cremation devices; provide
Income tax; certain elections to be made by Subchapter "S" corporations and partnerships for the filing of tax returns and imposition of taxes; allow
Local government; downtown development authorities; remove provision providing perpetual existence to such authorities
Community Health, Department of; submit state plan amendment to implement express lane enrollment in Medicaid; direct
Motor vehicles; use of mounts on windshields for the support of wireless telecommunications devices and stand-alone electronic devices under certain circumstances; allow
Motor vehicles; commercial driver's license; provide requirements for issuance
Insurance; framework for regulating the offering or issuance of travel insurance; provide
Motor vehicles; electronic submission of certain documentation required of manufacturers, distributors, dealers, secondary metals recyclers, used motor vehicle parts dealers, and scrap metal processors by the Department of Revenue; provide
Domestic relations; additional monitoring of victim after granting of a temporary protective order; provide
Professions and businesses; podiatry; amend a provision relating to fingerprint and criminal background checks
Insurance; Commissioner's enforcement authority with regard to adjusters; increase
Community Health, Department of; assess one or more provider matching payments on ambulance services; authorize
Ad valorem tax; property; remove certain training requirements for members of county boards of equalization following their initial training for their first term
Georgia Telehealth Act; revise
Motor vehicles; clarify what constitutes an obstruction for purposes of exceptions to when a vehicle is to drive on the right side of roadway
State Board of Cemeterians and Funeral Service; report suspected unlawful activity to the sheriff's office and the Attorney General; require
Crimes and offenses; protection of elder persons; revise definitions
Alcoholic beverages; licenses for retail sale packages of alcoholic beverages for consumption off premises shall be subject to regulation as to distance from schools as determined by the local governing authority; provide
Bingo; transfer regulatory authority from Georgia Bureau of Investigation to Secretary of State
Ad valorem tax; property; fair market value applicable to inventor; provisions
Special license plates; certified, volunteer, and retired firefighters; provide standards for proof of eligibility
Insurance; certain coverage requirements concerning providers that become out-of-network during a plan year; provide
Motor vehicles; number of required hours in the intervention component of DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Programs; reduce
Property; no plans are required when units are not designated by physical structures; provide
Courts; increase minimum compensation for chief magistrates and others; provide
Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Sexual Offender Registration Review Board; revise duties
Newborn Screening and Genetics Advisory Committee; create
Ad valorem tax; authorize on premises processing and marketing of agricultural products as a qualifying conservation use
HOPE scholarships; add Georgia Independent School Association to the list of accrediting agencies
State government; definition of small business; change
Alternative ad valorem tax; motor vehicles; revise definition of fair market value
Courts; each judge of the superior court, state court, and probate court and each magistrate shall have authority to perform any lawful judicial act; provide
Georgia Farmers' Market and Produce Terminal Development Authority Act; enact
Georgia Civil Practice Act; revise and provide for new requirements
Courts; oath for certain clerks of the probate court; require and provide
State government; conditions for meetings and public hearings to be held by teleconference in emergency conditions; provide
Professions and Businesses; grounds for refusing to grant or revoking a license; revise
Flag, Seal, and Other Symbols; placement of a monument in honor of the Honorable Zell Bryan Miller upon the capitol grounds of the state capitol building; provide
Mechanics and Materialmen; waiver of lien and labor or material bond rights; conform a reference within a statutory form
Housing Authorities; ability of city housing authorities to operate outside municipal boundaries without authorization; limit
Distilled Spirits; initiating a referendum election for the authorization of the issuance of licenses for the package sale of distilled spirits; modify the petition requirements
"Graduation Opportunities and Advanced Learning (GOAL) Act"; enact
Elementary and Secondary Education; provision relating to student transportation; revise
Judicial Emergency; suspension of statutory speedy trial requirements; provide
Motor Vehicles; autonomous vehicles from certain vehicle equipment requirements; exempt
Bonds; acceptance of electronic signatures and electronic corporate seals on bonds; provide
Bonds and Recognizances; appointed judges who are fulfilling a vacancy of an elected judge to issue an unsecured judicial release under certain circumstances; authorize
Department of Public Safety; subsistence and per diem allowances; receipt of badge and duty weapon upon retirement; provide
Contracts and Purchases by Public Schools; payment on guaranteed energy saving contracts; proceeds from local option sales taxes collected for educational purposes; provide
Regulation of Hospitals; certified medication aides to administer certain medications to nursing home residents; authorize
Ethics in Government; leadership committees; chairpersons; such committees may receive contributions and make expenditures; provide
Soil Amendments; exclude from regulation
Professional Licenses; extend the time a member of the military has to qualify for the issuance of a license; electrical contractor, plumber;
Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Programs; patient brokering; prohibit; definitions; exceptions; penalties; provide
Buildings and Housing; procedures for alternative plan review, permitting, and inspection by private professional providers; provide
Education; additional QBE funding for each full-time equivalent student within a local charter school; provide
"Tax Credit Return on Investment Act of 2021"; enact
Georgia State Indemnification Fund; shall be paid in instances of a heart attack, stroke; public safety officer; revise
Georgia Foundation for Public Education; a nonprofit corporation created by the foundation to receive private donations to be used for grants to public schools; authorize
Invasion of Privacy; prohibition on electronically transmitting or posting nude or sexually explicit photographs or videos for purposes of harassing the depicted person; revise
Education; Georgia Teacher of the Year shall be invited to serve as advisor ex officio to the State Board of Education; provide
Baldwin County; Board of Education; revise compensation of members
Domestic relations; protection of children; strengthen, clarify, and update provisions
Morgan County; board of elections; revise provisions
Culloden, City of; reduce city council to five members
Terrell County; Board of Education; change compensation of members
State holidays; second Wednesday of February of each year as National Swearing-in Day in Georgia; provide
Arabi, Town of; provide new charter
Jackson County; authority of the board of elections and registration to act in certain situations; provide
Wrens, City of; provide new charter
Insurance; revise meaning of property insurance; change parameters under which certain contracts or agreements may be canceled
Americus, City of; requirement for city manager; remove
Clayton County; Board of Education; change compensation of members
Jones County Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Sardis, City of; provide new charter
Jarom's Act; enact
Pelham, City of; reduce size of city council; revise powers of mayor
Edison, City of; provide new charter
Professions and businesses; exempt persons having completed Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training from required fingerprint submission for application to be licensed as a private guard, watchman, or patrolman
Bremen, City of; levy an excise tax
Bacon County; Board of Education; modify compensation of members
South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority; repeal Act
Motor vehicles; require registration application forms to include optional information regarding certain conditions which may interfere with a registrant's ability to communicate
Carroll County; Board of Elections; expand board from three to five members
Local government; imposing civil penalties upon an alarm systems contractor for a false alarm that occurs through no fault of alarm systems contractor; prohibit
Catoosa County; certain purchases made; remove certain bidding requirements
City of Sylvester Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Crimes and offenses; promoting illegal drag racing and laying drags; provide for offense
Sylvester, City of; provide extraterritorial utility services; authorize
Richmond Hill, City of; provide new charter
Social services; reasonable access to records concerning reports of child abuse to the Administrative Office of the Courts; provide
Thomas County; Board of Commissioners; modify compensation
Criminal procedure; add DFCS case managers to people for whom arrest warrants may be issued only by certain judicial officers
Cherokee County; probate judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Clay County; Board of Education; change compensation of members
Hapeville, City of; quorums of mayor and council; revise provisions
Brantley County; Board of Commissioners; authorize chairperson to make and second motions and vote on all matters
Macon, City of; City of Payne; Bibb County; eligibility for office of mayor; revise provisions
Perry, City of; levy an excise tax
Tri-County Natural Gas Authority Act; enact
Georgia Crime Information Center; develop a system to collect information on an individual's ability to communicate with law enforcement or emergency responders; provisions
Wilkinson County; Magistrate Court; provide one-year terms of office for magistrates
Brookhaven, City of; filling of vacancies in the offices of mayor and councilmembers; provisions
Franklin-Hart Airport Authority; members and employees; revise provisions
Stewart County; Board of Commissioners; revise provisions relating to purchases and bids
Pickens County; board of elections and registration; reconstitute and reestablish
Pickens County board of elections and registration; provide abolition of board on a date certain
Troup County; board of elections and registration; provide new five member board
Bleckley County; probate judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Bleckley County; Magistrate Court chief judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Bleckley County; Probate Court; charge technology fee
Coolidge, City of; provide new charter
City of Hapeville Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Waycross Judicial Circuit; Superior Court judges; increase salary supplement
Sylvester, City of; ward residence requirements for city councilmembers; provide
Cobb County; Board of Commissioners; change provisions of compensation of the chairperson and members
Whitfield County Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Atlanta, City of; Independent School District ad valorem tax exemption; remove sunset date
Euharlee, City of; revise corporate limits
Blue Ridge, City of; staggered terms of mayor and councilmembers; provide
Pendergrass, City of; add two new members to city council
Gainesville City School District; continue existence; provide powers of the board of education
Fort Valley, City of; Utility Commission; add three appointed members
Smyrna, City of; annexation of certain territory into the boundaries of the city; provide
Coweta County Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Hoschton, City of; new governmental structure; provide
Atlanta, City of; urban enterprise zones; provide for findings and purpose
Lithonia, City of; change corporate limits
Fulton Technology and Energy Enhancement Authority; create
Catoosa County; compensation of governing authority; revise provisions
Fort Oglethorpe, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
Catoosa County Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Catoosa County; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
Lee County; Magistrate Court; law library fee; revise permitted uses of funds raised
Royston, City of; city council posts; provide
Gilmer County; Magistrate Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
DeKalb County; State Court; provide definitions
Ringgold, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
City of Chickamauga Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Powder Springs, City of; update boundaries
Wayne County Altamaha River and Leisure Services Authority Act; enact
Wayne County Public Facilities Authority Act; enact
Richmond County; Board of Education; modify compensation of members
Glascock County; Probate Court Judge; repeal Act providing for supplement to compensation; provide for an applicability date
Clarkston Development Authority Act; repeal
Ben Hill County; Probate Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Fannin County; Magistrate Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Hull, City of; provide new charter
State-Wide Probation System; conditions and procedures under which probation may be terminated early; revise
Postsecondary Education Grants; waiver of tuition and all fees, for qualifying foster and adopted students by units of the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia; provide
Counties and Municipal Corporations; "fence detection system"; define the term; counties, consolidated governments, and municipalities regulate or prohibit such system; limit the ability
Hemp Farming; definition; revise
Child Advocate Advisory Committee; composition; revise
Motor Vehicles and Traffic; definitions relative to registration and licensing of motor vehicles; provide
License Plates; individuals who served in the armed forces for an ally of the United States during active military combat; provide a veteran's license plate
Juvenile Code and Domestic Relations; provisions relating to the protection of children; strengthen, clarify and update
Lumpkin County; board of commissioners; qualifications for the county manager; revise
Lincoln County; board of elections and registration; abolition of the board on a date certain; provide
Lincoln County; board of elections and registration; reconstitute and reestablish