Document Description
Income tax; certain income received by taxpayers as payments from a disaster relief or assistance program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture in connection with Hurricane Michael; exempt
Buildings and housing; residential industrial building; revise definition
Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act; move certain sound recordings from qualified production activities to production expenditures
Agriculture; provide for an Agricultural Commodity Commission for Wine and Grapes
Law enforcement officers and agencies; comprehensive regulation of trauma scene cleanup services; provide
Courts; distribution priority of partial payments of fines, bond forfeitures, and costs; provide
Insurance; carriers issuing a health benefit plan in this state through an agent shall file proposed commission rates with the department; provide
Professions and businesses; national background checks by FBI through Georgia Crime Information Center for licensing to practice as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant; provide
Charter schools; local boards of education shall provide itemized allotment sheets for the upcoming fiscal year by July 1 of each year; provide
Motor vehicles; veterans' license to any person who is a United States citizen and resident of this state who served in the military for an ally of the United States during a time of war or other conflict; authorize issuance
Conservation and natural resources; burning of certain chemically treated wood products for purposes of commercial energy generation; prohibit
Education; complaints policy for teachers and other school personnel; provisions
Alcoholic beverages; legislative intent of the General Assembly to exercise strict regulatory control over the three-tier system; provide
Georgia Environmental Finance Authority; power to make loan commitments and loans to local governments and nongovernment agencies for projects that permanently protect land and water; provide
Pharmacies; various provisions relating to the practice of pharmacy; revise
Housing; certain provisions pertaining to unlawful practices in selling or renting dwellings and the procedures, remedies, and judicial review related thereto; change
Sexual Offender Registration Review Board; information required to be provided by sexual offenders when they register; revise
Property; granting of non-exclusive easements; authorize
Counties and Municipal Corporations; establishment of banking improvement zones; areas underserved; provide
Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund; amount of monthly dues paid; increase; amounts collected from fines; revise