Document Description
Labor and industrial relations; provisions regarding employer's obligation to provide break time for an employee to express breast milk; revise
Revised Homestead Option Sales and Use Tax Act of 2020; enact
Lacee's Law; enact
Electric membership corporations; comply with certain requirements in determining the rates for attachments to utility poles by communications service providers; require
Disaster Volunteer Relief Act; certain employees of state agencies to be granted leave from work with pay in order to participate in specialized disaster relief services; authorize
Highways, bridges, and ferries; funding sources and a consolidated state entity for the planning and implementation of mobility and transit services; provisions
Pharmacists; dispense up to a 90 day supply of a maintenance medication under certain conditions; authorize
Transportation, Department of; state investment in railways and railroad facilities and equipment; provide
Law enforcement officers and agencies; Office of Public Safety Officer Support; change the name
Professions and businesses; military spouses licensed in other states to practice certain professions and occupations in this state; provide
Insurance; extensive revisions regarding pharmacy benefits managers; provide
Conservation and natural resources; regulate the harvest and sale of palmetto berries
Game and fish; effective date of rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Natural Resources; change
Judiciary; people may petition for declaratory relief from certain acts of this state or certain local governments or officers or employees; provide - CA
Justice Robert Benham Bridge; Bartow County; dedicate
Property; conveyance of certain state owned real property; authorize
Mehta, Dipen; 2020 Prudential Spirit Community Award; commend
General Assembly; dedication of revenues derived from fees or taxes to the public purpose for which such fees or taxes were imposed; authorize - CA
Roger C. Dill Transportation Center; Tift County; dedicate
Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics; create