Document Description
Community Health, Department of; pilot program to provide coverage for the treatment and management of obesity and related conditions; provide
Revenue and taxation; certain law enforcement officers may use department vehicles relative to certain approved off-duty jobs; provide
Budget Veto/Disregard Language
State government; waiver of sovereign immunity as to actions ex contractu and state tort claims; provisions
Professions and businesses; profession of professional structural engineer; provide
Quality Basic Education Act; recess for students in kindergarten and grades one through five; provide
Joint Georgia-North Carolina and Georgia-Tennessee Boundary Line Commission; create
Air Facilities; airports owned by a county, municipality shall not assess any fee to a veteran for motor vehicle parking; provide
"Georgia Tax Credit Business Case Act"
"Keeping Georgia's Schools Safe Act"
Trauma Scene Cleanup Services; comprehensive regulation; provide
County Board of Education of DeKalb County; boundaries of an independent school system are not extended by annexation; provide
State Board of Veterinary Medicine; professional health program for impaired veterinarians; provide
Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority; expired provisions; issuance and review of requests for proposals for a new location, ownership; remove
Veto Statements for HB 83, HB 187, HB 279, HB 311, HB 516, HB 598, SB 15, SB 53, SB 75, SB 80, SB 103, SB 120, SB 153, and HR 51
Not signing or vetoing: SB 7
Harlem, City of; change corporate boundaries