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Code Revision Commission; statutory portion of said Code; revise, modernize, correct errors or omissions in and reenact
Health; administer medications to residents under hospice care pursuant to a physician's written orders; authorize certified medication aides
Sales and use tax; tangible personal property to certain non-profit health centers; extend exemption for five additional years
Georgia Hemp Farming Act; enact
Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act; enact
Insurance; regulation of insurance company holding systems; update
Capital Outlay Funds; eligibility for regular funding, advance funding for educational facilities; destroyed by fire or natural disaster; provide
Insurance, Department of; must submit an autism coverage report to General Assembly; move annual due date to June 15
Courts; additional penalty for violation of traffic laws or ordinances under Joshua's Law; extend sunset
Property; prohibit retaliation by a landlord against a tenant for taking certain actions
Alexander, Reverend Dr. Cameron Madison; condolences
Insurance; insurers do not have to notify the Georgia Composite Medical Board of agreements to settle medical malpractice claims against physicians when the settlement resulted in the low payment under a high/low agreement; provide
County law libraries; repeal a population provision regarding the disposition of law library funds in certain counties
Financial institutions; change certain definitions
Professions and businesses; real estate management companies; change certain provisions
Banking and finance; banks and credit unions to offer savings promotion raffle accounts in which deposits to a savings account enter a depositor in a raffle; allow
Retirement and pensions; each public retirement system trustee to complete appropriate education applicable to his or her fiduciary duties; require
Board of Natural Resources; promulgate rules and regulations regarding anchoring certain vessels within estuarine areas; authorize
Motor vehicles; reference date to federal regulations regarding the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles and carriers; update
Insurance; discrimination against victims of family violence to include victims of sexual assault; expand prohibitions
Pharmacy Anti-Steering and Transparency Act; enact
Georgia Business Court; establish
Professions and businesses; occupational therapists; update and revise various provisions
Insurance; allow good will from insurer acquisitions to be treated as an asset
Criminal procedure; increase amount of time that law enforcement agencies are required to preserve certain evidence of sexual assault
Health; redesignate continuing care retirement communities as life plan communities
Abandoned Motor Vehicle Act; enact
Georgia Uniform Certificate of Title for Vessels Act; enact
Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund; member's benefits payable after death shall be paid to his or her estate when such member failed to designate a beneficiary or his or her designated beneficiaries are deceased; provide
Insurance; administration of claims by pharmacy benefit managers; revise provisions
South Fulton, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
Special license plates; Alabama A&M University; establish
Penal institutions; pregnant female inmates or a female inmate who is in the immediate postpartum period; provide prohibited practices
Sales and use tax; exemption for competitive projects of regional significance; change sunset provision
Revenue and taxation; projects and purposes using SPLOST funds; revise annual reporting requirements
Revenue and taxation; Level 1 Freeport Exemption; modify provisions
Local government; joint authorities to furnish certain information necessary for the state auditor to determine the net impact of their activities on associated tax digests; require
Revenue and taxation; Internal Revenue Code and Internal Revenue Code of 1986; define terms and incorporate certain provisions of federal law into Georgia law
South Fulton, City of; ad valorem tax for municipal purposes; provide new homestead exemption
Fire protection and safety; use of class B fire-fighting foam for testing purposes if such foam contains a certain class of fluorinated organic chemicals; prohibit
Coweta County; school district ad valorem tax; raise homestead exemption amounts
Social services; improvements to the operation of the child abuse registry; provide
Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act; enact
Controlled substances; Schedules I, IV, and V; change certain provisions
Civil practice; continuances for members of the Board of Regents and the Attorney General; revise
Norcross, City of; change terms of mayor and city councilmembers
State Victim Services Commission; bill of rights for foster parents; delete references to an obsolete entity
Monroe County; Board of Commissioners; provide for the removal of the duties of disbursements
Joint Board of Elections and Registration of Pike County; create
Parent and child; require child welfare agencies to make efforts to determine whether a parent or guardian of a child who is the subject of abuse allegations is on active duty in the military
Fulton County; board of elections and registration; revise manner of appointment of chairperson
Saint Marys Airport Authority; repeal Act
DeKalb County; clerk of the Superior Court; require that tax parcel identification number information be included on documents recorded in the real property records
Georgia Municipal Courts Training Council; training hours completed by a municipal court judge in excess of those required may carry over to the following year; provide
Nathan Deal Judicial Center; naming the forthcoming new state appellate judicial complex
Property; conveyance of certain state owned real property; authorize
Property; granting of non-exclusive easements; authorize
Savannah Logistics Technology Innovation Corridor; designate
Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics; create
Telephone System for the Physically Impaired; state-wide dual party relay service and audible universal information access service; provisions; change
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Data Base; length of time prescription information is retained from two years to five years; increase
Motor Fuel Tax; electronic filing of certain reports; require
Workers' Compensation; certain provisions; change
Tuskegee University; specialty license plate; establish
Disabled First Responders; certain benefits; provide
World War I Centennial Commission; sunset provisions; extend
Insurance; statement indicating that the subscriber's health policy is fully insured is included on a subscriber's health insurance identification card; require
Georgia Coroner's Training Council; hearing complaints from outside parties regarding coroners; provide
General Assembly; requirements for consideration of local legislation revising existing districts or creating new districts; provide
Revenue and Taxation; each person that files FORM 1099-K with the Internal Revenue Service shall also file electronically to the state revenue commissioner on or before federal deadline; provide
Child Custody Intrastate Jurisdiction Act; party may bring a counterclaim for contempt in response to a complaint seeking a change of legal or physical custody; provide
Title Insurance; lender's security interest; personal property taken by the lender as collateral for a commercial loan; allow
Campaign Contributions; content of and certain reporting times for certain campaign disclosure reports; revise
Juvenile Code; in conformity with the federal Social Security Act and the Family First Prevention Services Act; bring provisions
DeKalb County Board of Registration and Elections; board members; appoint and nominate
State Court of Fulton County; appointment of associate judges and their compensation; provide
Waiver of Immunity for Motor Vehicle Claims; definition to clarify sheriff, deputy sheriff, other agent, servant, or employee of sheriff's office; include
Statute of Frauds; clarify that a mutual agreement to modify an existing promise, agreement, contract; shall be in writing and subject to statute of frauds
Retirement; method and manner by which a member of the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia may purchase an annuity; revise
Alternative Ad Valorem Tax on Motor Vehicles; transfer of a title between legal entities owned by the same person; not constitute a taxable event; provide
Game and Fish; hunting on wildlife management areas; prohibition; remove
Peace Officers' Annuity and Benefit Fund; fees collected in criminal and quasi-criminal cases prior to adjudication of guilt; provide
City of Decatur; corporate limits; change
Invasion of Privacy; sexual extortion; prohibit; definitions; elements of the crime; provide
Self-Service Storage Facilities; limit fees charged and collected by self-service storage facilities for the late payment of rent; provide
Department of Natural Resources' Online Licensing System; allow applicants to make an anatomical gift; provide
Senator Bill Jackson Interchange; Columbia County; dedicate
Genetic Counselors Act; enact
Ad valorem tax; right to appeal for any taxpayer that fails to file a property tax return or whose property tax return was deemed returned; provide
Office of Planning and Budget; provide for the establishment of the Strategic Integrated Data System
Conservation and natural resources; provide for an exception to notification of spills or releases; provide for definitions
Income tax; credit for new purchases and acquisitions of qualified investment property shall be earnable for mining and mining facilities and allowed against a taxpayer's payroll withholding; provide
Marriage; change minimum age from 16 to 17 and require any person who is 17 to have been emancipated
Professions and businesses; regulation of massage therapy educational programs; provide
Council of Magistrate Court Judges; organization and provide for officers; increase authority
Griffin Judicial Circuit; additional judge of the superior court; provide
Superior courts; revise the sums that the clerks are entitled to charge and collect for filing documents and instruments pertaining to real estate or personal property
Local government; counties to exercise powers in incorporated areas; authorize
Labor, Department of; employment security; change certain provisions
Child support; defined terms and terminology, grammar, and punctuation; revise and correct
Outdoor stewardship; eligible applicants for and recipients of the grants; redefine
Local government; elect an annual report in lieu of a biennial audit; increase expenditure amount
Property; dispossessory proceedings; require applications for execution of a writ of possession be made within 30 days of issuance of the writ unless good cause is shown
Private Permitting Review and Inspection Act; enact
Game and fish; provide for mariculture development
Ad valorem tax; criteria used by tax assessors to determine the fair market value of real property; revise
Georgia Mental Health Reform and Innovation Commission; create
Education; prohibit parents or guardians from withdrawing or removing a child from a public school for the purpose of avoiding compliance with laws relating to mandatory attendance, school discipline, parental involvement, or parental responsibilities
Domestic relations; equitable caregivers; provide
Butts County; courthouse; provide that fees collected are for maintenance
Atlanta, City of; ad valorem tax for municipal purposes; provide for a new homestead exemption
Lula Development Authority Act; enact
Kennesaw, City of; corporate limits; change provisions
Ware County; superior court clerk shall also be state court clerk; provide
Zebulon, City of; provide new charter
Pooler, City of; Municipal Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Brookhaven, City of; existing general homestead exemption; increase
Covington, City of; change corporate limits
Brookhaven, City of; existing homestead exemption for senior citizens and disabled persons; increase
White, City of; provide new charter
Gainesville, City of; levy an excise tax
Gainesville, City of; change corporate boundaries
Gainesville Redevelopment Authority; provide for reappointment
Joint Liberty County, City of Gum Branch, City of Midway, City of Riceboro, and City of Walthourville Fire Protection Facilities and Equipment Authority; repeal act
Jonesboro, City of; change corporate limits
Richmond Hill, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
Locust Grove, City of; dissolution and reactivation of districts under certain conditions; provide
Macon-Bibb County; levy an excise tax
Richmond County; Probate Court; change compensation of judge
Camden County Public Service Authority; revise a term; provide for composition
Camden County Spaceport Authority Act; enact
Fort Valley Utility Commission; provide for establishment and powers
Covington, City of; term limits for the governing authority of such municipality; provide
Forsyth County; creation of one or more community improvement districts; create
Alamo, City of; provide for incorporation, boundaries, and powers
Covington, City of; provide new charter
Guardian and ward; guardian and conservators of minors and adults; revise provisions
Insurance; provide for modernization and updates
Georgia Southern Nursing Angels Memorial Bridge; Bryan County; dedicate
Magistrate Court of Dooly County; judge of the Probate Court of Dooly County shall also serve as the chief magistrate; provide
"Medical Practice Act of the State of Georgia"; telemedicine licenses for physicians in other states; engage in the practice of medicine with patients in this state through telemedicine; provide
Lanier County; board of elections and registration; create
Insurance; Georgia Telemedicine Act; modernize; Telemedicine Act the Telehealth Act; rename
Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices; protection of certain consumer data in motor vehicle sales or lease transactions; provide
Office of Probate Judge of Johnson County; future nonpartisan elections; provide
City of Acworth; reference a certain map; adopt
"City of Tucker Public Facilities Authority Act"
Judge of Probate Court; shall also serve as chief magistrate judge of the Magistrate Court of Atkinson County on and after January 1, 2021; provide
Lumpkin County Water And Sewerage Authority; composition; change
Town of Toomsboro, Georgia; new charter; provide
Dade County Water and Sewer Authority; composition; terms of office for members, and vacancies; provide
City of Buford; a certain map; adopt by reference
Magistrate Court of Troup County; technology fee for conviction of traffic or ordinance violation; charge
Clerk of Superior Court of Twiggs County; authority to fix compensation of employees of Clerk's office; provide
Judge of Probate Court of Twiggs County; authority to fix court employee compensation; provide
Tax Commissioner of Twiggs County; authority to fix compensation of tax commissioner's office employees; provide
Town of Danville; new charter; incorporation, boundaries, general powers and limitations, governing authority, duties, election, terms, method of filing vacancies, and compensation; provide
Stockbridge Public Facilities Authority; create
Sheriff of Twiggs County; manner of fixing salary adjustments or allowance; change
Probate Court of Troup County; technology fee and uses; charge and specify
Lincoln County Recreation Authority; repeal
Specialty License Plate; benefit the Atlanta United Foundation; establish
Quality Basic Education; elective courses in History and Literature of the Old and New Testament Eras; provisions; revise
Toombs County Development Authority; qualifications of members of said authority; provide
Nonpublic Postsecondary Educational Institutions; exemption for dental schools meeting certain criteria; provide
Superior Court of the Cherokee Judicial Circuit; supplement to be paid to each judge of such circuit; change
Local Government; terms for contracts for utility services; change
Conservation and natural resources; shore protection; revise various provisions
"C.J.'s Law"; penalty for hit and run accidents that result in serious injury; provide
Quality Basic Education Act; post sign containing telephone number to receive reports of child abuse; require every public school
State Board of Education; authorize the Georgia Foundation for Public Education to establish a nonprofit corporation to qualify as a public foundation; authorize
Education; eligibility requirements to receive the HOPE Scholarship as a Zell Miller Scholarship Scholar; provide
Geo. L. Smith II Georgia World Congress Center; limit on indebtedness; increase
Revenue and taxation; income for contributions to savings trust accounts; revise deduction
Sales and use tax; mission to advance arts shall not be required to be an organization's primary mission in order to obtain an exemption for certain sales of tickets for admission to fine arts performances; provide
Quality Basic Education Formula; change program weights for funding purposes
Margie's Law; enact
Education; prohibit certain entities from being student scholarship organizations
Blind persons; child custody matters; provisions
Competencies and Core Curriculum; computer science in middle school and high school; require
Insurance; modernization and updates; provide; Commission on the Georgia Health Insurance Risk Pool; repeal Article 2 of Chapter 29A
Insurance; modernization and updates; provide
Insurance; division of a domestic insurer into two or more resulting domestic insurers; provide
Public Funds; when funds shall be considered to held by a depository; specify; State Depository Board certain policies and procedures related to deposit placement programs; establish
Relative Search by DFCS; foster placement for a child adjudicated as a dependent; determine such child's permanency plan; provide
State and Other Flags; Honor and Remember flag as the state's emblem of the service and sacrifice of the members of the armed forces; designate
Department of Driver Services; criteria; authorize certain licensed driver training schools to administer on-the-road driving skills testing; revise
Barbers and Cosmetologists; the number of apprenticeship hours required; change
Special License Plates; benefit the Georgia Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs, Inc.; establish
Dyslexia; identification of and support for students in pre-kindergarten through second grade; provide
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"Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act"
Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit; Superior Court judges; increase salary supplement
Centralhatchee, Town of; provide for a municipal court
Bowdon, City of; provide for a municipal court
Echols County; Probate Court; extend time for collecting technology fee
Molena, City of; provide for four-year terms of office for mayor and councilmembers
Jackson County; board of elections and registration; provide composition
Commerce, City of; independent school district ad valorem tax; change net income limitation
Jefferson, City of; independent school district ad valorem tax; change net income limitation
Jackson County; school district ad valorem tax; change net income limitation
Meigs, City of; provide new charter
East Dublin, City of; new term for mayor pro tempore; provide
Chamblee, City of; ad valorem tax; certain residents under 65 years of age; increase homestead exemption amount
Chamblee, City of; ad valorem tax; residents 65 years of age or older or who are totally disabled; revise homestead exemption
Catoosa County; school district ad valorem tax; residents 65 years of age or older; provide homestead exemption
Peachtree City, City of; creation of one or more community improvement districts; provide
Fayetteville, City of; Public Facility Authority; create
Superior Court of Hall County in the Northeastern Circuit; revise term of court
Monroe County; abolish office of elected county surveyor; provide appointment by governing authority
Sylvania, City of; levy an excise tax
Agriculture; service of the Commissioner of Agriculture and the president of the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation as ex officio members; revise provisions
Morrow, City of; ad valorem tax for city purposes; provide for a nonbinding advisory referendum
Dawsonville, City of; election of members of the city council by district; provisions
Alpharetta, City of; ad valorem tax; eliminate income restriction for homestead exemption
Alpharetta, City of; ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes; increase homestead exemption
Douglas County; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
Roswell, City of; levy an excise tax
Douglas, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
Lee County; tax commissioner shall retain a percentage of educational funds and reimburse the county for the cost of collecting school taxes; repeal Act
Upson County; Probate Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Grady County; board of education; increase compensation of members
Stonecrest, City of; levy an excise tax
Ben Hill County; Magistrate Court chief judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Ben Hill County; probate judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Cobb County; Superior Court; restyle the executive assistant and the executive secretary of the clerk as administrative managers
Miller County; Board of Commissioners; revise the districts for the election of members
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Tybee Island, City of; levy an excise tax
Waverly Hall, Town of; Municipal Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Jenkins County; Probate Court judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Washington County; State Court; authorize assessment and collection of a technology fee
Hoboken, City of; change corporate limits
Carroll County; Magistrate Court; authorize to charge a technology fee for each conviction of a traffic or ordinance violation
South Fulton, City of; levy an excise tax
Hapeville, City of; homestead exemption for residents 65 years or older; provide
Flovilla, City of; municipal court; dissolve
Hapeville, City of; increase existing homestead exemption to $15,000.00
Polk County; grand jury shall not be required to be impaneled on the first day of each term; provide
Haralson County; grand jury shall not be required to be impaneled on the first day of each term; provide
Newton County; coroner; provide for salary supplements authorized by the governing authority
Coweta County; levy an excise tax
Newnan, City of; levy an excise tax
Jenkins County; appointment of deputy magistrates; provide
Candler County; Board of Education; modify compensation of members
Swainsboro, City of; corporate limits; change provisions
Board of Public Safety; expense allowance and travel cost reimbursement for members in like fashion as other state boards and commissions; provide
Crimes and offenses; transmitting a false alarm; revise offense
Sales and use tax; lower threshold amount for certain dealers
Local government; advertisement of certain bid or proposal opportunities; change provisions
Law enforcement officers and agencies; records of investigation of an officer by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council shall be retained for 30 years; provide
Property; liens in favor of private, nonprofit, volunteer fire departments for instances of fire services that are requested by property owners; provide
Education; driver's license verification system for school bus drivers; provide
Law enforcement officers and agencies; analysis and collection of DNA for individuals charged with a felony offense but sentenced as a first offender or under conditional discharge; provide
Motor vehicles; implied consent notices; revise
Georgia International and Maritime Trade Center; rename to Savannah Convention Center
Hospitals and health care facilities; Federal Bureau of Investigation to retain fingerprints when an agency or entity is participating in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's program; allow
Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies; performing any duty at the scene of an emergency; law enforcement officers shall not be liable; clarify
Correctional Institutions of the State and Counties; use of unmanned aircraft systems to deliver or attempt to deliver contraband to a place of incarceration; prohibit
Ad valorem tax; all-terrain vehicles; revise definitions
Solid waste management; certain solid waste disposal surcharges; extend sunset date
Weapons carry license; extension of time for the renewal of a license for certain service members serving on active duty outside of the state; provide
Motor vehicles; operation of motorized mobility devices; provide
Banking and finance; payment of large deposits of deceased intestate depositors and the deposit of sums held for deceased intestate residents; make changes
Controlled substances; kratom; provisions
Public Utilities and Public Transportation; authorize telephone cooperatives and their broadband affiliates; provide broadband services
Public Utilities and Public Transportation; electric membership corporations and their affiliates; authorize; broadband services; provide
Ad Valorem Taxation; local governments to accept prepayments of ad valorem taxes; allow
"Streamlining Wireless Facilities and Antennas Act"
State Flag, Seal, and other Symbols; additional protections for government statues; provide
Outdoor Advertising; references to the term "mechanical" in relation to multiple message signs; remove
Health; sale or lease of a hospital by a hospital authority; revise provisions
Income tax; certain physicians serving as community based faculty physicians; delete deduction
Health; pilot program to provide preexposure assistance to persons at risk of HIV infection; establish
Health; hospital Medicaid financing program; extend sunset provision
Insurance; create the crime of staging a motor vehicle collision
Insurance; health benefit plans to establish step therapy protocols; require
"Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Act"
Nurses; certain definitions; revise
"Direct Primary Care Act"
State Employees' Health Insurance Plan; services covered and furnished by a federally qualified health center are reimbursed at no less than the Medicare maximum; provide
Georgia Board for Physician Workforce; change name; board's membership; revise
Contracts; provide military service members civil relief concerning certain contractual obligations due to circumstances of active duty
Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact; enter into an interstate compact
Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Act; enter into an interstate compact
Education; military students enroll in public school based on official military orders prior to physically establishing residency; allow
Banking and finance; retail brokers of manufactured homes or mobile homes and residential contractors from the requirement to obtain a license as a mortgage loan originator, broker, or lender under certain circumstances; exempt
Crimes and offenses; pimping and pandering; increase penalty provisions
Sales and use tax; certain poultry diagnostic and disease monitoring services; create exemption
Crimes and offenses; include certain sex crimes into the definition of criminal gang activity
Revenue and taxation; timber producers incurring losses from Hurricane Michael; clarify that certain credits that have been transferred shall not be refundable
Juvenile Code; procedures concerning removal considerations; revise
Agricultural Commodity Commission for Propane; provide
"Anti-Human Trafficking Protective Response Act"
Local government; certain agreements from consultants who enter into contracts or arrangements to prepare or develop requirements for bids; provide
Georgia's Hope Act; enact
Crimes and offenses; employees and agents of syringe services programs are not subject to certain offenses relating to hypodermic syringes and needles; provide
Cobb County; Magistrate Court chief judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Cobb County; probate judge; provide nonpartisan elections
Putnam County; Magistrate Court; revise number, manner of selection, and compensation of the judges
Screven County Industrial Development Authority; revise projects that the authority may undertake
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Elections; definitions; provide for uniform equipment and ballot marking devices
Lincoln County; office of elected county surveyor; abolish
Quitman County Water and Sewerage Authority; change number of members serving on authority
Clay County; judge of Probate Court shall also serve as magistrate of the Magistrate Court; provide
Fitzgerald, City of; levy an excise tax
Bryan County Public Facilities Authority; create
Dawson, City of; provide new charter
Tybee Island, City of; filling of vacancies; provide
Sparks, City of; provide new charter
Statham, City of; governing organization; revise provisions
Rome Building Authority; create
Floyd County; Board of Education; provide for compensation of members
Chatham County; State Court judges; provide for an accountability court supplement
Sinclair Water Authority; determination of a quorum of the members of the board; change
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Pickens County; Board of Education; revise districts
"Patients First Act"
Supplemental appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
Skidaway Island, City of; compliance with constitutional requirements; provide
Rules of the Road; when driver of a vehicle need not stop upon meeting or passing a school bus; clarify
Gwinnett Judicial Circuit; additional judge of the superior court; provide (2019)