Annual Events at the Governor's Mansion

Pet Adoption Days at the Governor's Mansion

First Lady, Marty Kemp is hosting a Pet Adoption Day at the Governor's Mansion. 

The First Lady is partnering with humane societies, rescue organizations, and animal shelters from across the state to help find homes for dogs and cats in need. So far, two Pet Adoption Days have taken place with at least 60 sweet animals finding homes! The next one is scheduled for October 24, 2021. 

If you'd like to join us for Pet Adoption Day, please fill out the appropriate form for guests or adoption groups.


Easter Egg Hunt at the Governor's Mansion

**Out of an abundance of caution, THE 2020 EASTER EGG HUNTS WILL BE CANCELED to ensure the health and safety of Georgia families. **

The 2019 Easter Egg Hunts at the Governor's Mansion were more memorable than ever! You may locate your photos here.


Holiday Tours at the Governor's Mansion

It brings us so much happiness to be able to open the doors of "The People's House" and allow you and your families to create holiday memories here with us during such a special season.   

This year's public holiday tour schedule is posted in the Holiday Tours section of this site. For further information, please call 404-261-1776.