Georgia Grown Partners

Statesboro's Big Boy Cookies

You can find us at 441 South Main Street in Statesboro, Georgia. Or just follow your nose to the scent of fresh baked cookies. Check our homepage for hours and daily cookie schedule (updated monthly).

Wrightsville's Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese

"Pimentos have Georgia roots too. Georgia was the pimento capital of the world in the 1930s. It started near Griffin at Experiment Station. Pimentos were plentiful and profitable, launching pimento cheese as the go-to working class lunch and a proper society snacking staple. So isn’t it only proper that Georgia, this beautiful state filled with peaches, pecans, pearls and peanuts, and the heart of the southern culinary universe, reclaim its rightful place in the launch of pimento cheese with a pimento cheese brand she can call her own? Food trends come and go. Pimento cheese never goes out of style, especially one that’s properly crafted with dignified flavor." -Deana Tanner Bibb