ATLANTA, GA – Governor Brian P. Kemp today provided updated figures regarding the Multi-Agency Crime Suppression Unit's success since it was first established in April of 2021:

  • 27,821 Vehicle Stops
  • 655 DUI's
  • 510 Reckless Driving Incidents
  • 18,888 Citations
  • 682 Pursuits
  • 526 Wanted Persons Apprehended
  • 148 Stolen Guns Recovered
  • 259 Recovered Guns
  • 243 Drug Arrests
  • 1,493 Impounded Vehicles
  • 375 Stolen Vehicles Recovered, amounting to $8,108,600
  • 27 Murder Suspects Apprehended 
  • 48 Out of State Arrests

On Monday, June 13, 2022, WSB-TV published a two-part "Special Report" about the Crime Suppression Unit's work.


WSB-TV: Channel 2 rides along with GSP's crime suppression unit

WSB-TV: Channel 2 gets exclusive access to crime suppression unit working to keep city’s streets safer


Responding to a rise in violent crime and criminal street racing activity, Governor Kemp directed the Georgia Department of Public Safety to put together a Crime Suppression Unit with local and state law enforcement officials. The detail is coordinated by the Georgia Department of Public Safety and now includes the Georgia State Patrol, the Motor Carrier Compliance Division, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Community Supervision, the Atlanta Police Department, and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The detail conducted its first wave on April 9, 2021.

The Crime Suppression Unit has also conducted operations in other cities – like Columbus and Macon. Please check with the Department of Public Safety for more information on those operations.

Governor Kemp has pledged his support of the Crime Suppression Unit as long as it is needed to protect Georgians, and he and First Lady Marty Kemp would like to thank the following dedicated public safety leaders and their teams for carrying out this critically important work:

  • Department of Public Safety Colonel Wright
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Reynolds
  • Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Williams
  • Department of Community Supervision Commissioner Nail
  • Atlanta Police Department Interim Chief Darin Schierbaum
  • Fulton County Sheriff Labat


Director of Communications Katie Byrd


Deputy Director of Communications Andrew Isenhour