Atlanta, GA – Governor Brian P. Kemp today made the following statement on his administration's budget and legislative package to build a safer, stronger Georgia crossing the finish line on Sine Die:

Last night, we made history when we closed the books on one of the most successful and impactful legislative sessions the Peach State has ever had. We worked hard, together, to pass both budgetary and legislative measures that direct money back into the pockets of hardworking Georgians, put parents, students, and teachers first, invest in our workforce, support Georgia's thriving economy, strengthen public safety, and create innovative solutions to our healthcare challenges. I'm very proud of what we accomplished this year, and my administration thanks Lt. Governor Duncan, Speaker Ralston, and members of the Georgia General Assembly for working with us to get our entire legislative package and more across the finish line. I look forward to the positive impact these measures will have on Georgians as I finish signing them into law.

Below, please see a list highlighting many of the proposals championed, or supported, by Governor Kemp in the 2022 convening of the Georgia General Assembly. The Office of the Governor has 40 days to review all bills passed by the Georgia General Assembly. As the office conducts its review, additional updates will be provided on measures that are signed into law. As a reminder, the Office of the Governor posts all signed or vetoed legislation here.

Directing Money Back into Pockets of Hardworking Georgians:

Putting Parents, Students, and Teachers First:

  • Teacher Pay Raise: HB 911
  • Historic K-12 per-student Investment: HB 911
  • Unmask Georgia Students: SB 514
  • Parents Bill of Rights: HB 1178
  • Safeguards Against Divisive Ideologies and Fairness in School Sports: HB 1084
  • Obscene Materials: SB 226
  • Return to Work: HB 385
  • Restore Austerity Cuts Made During Pandemic: HB 911

Making Higher Ed More Accessible and Affordable and Enhancing Workforce:

  • Elimination of Institution Fee: HB 911
  • General Educational Development (GED) Diplomas Voucher Bill: SB 397
  • Student Access Loan: HB 1435
  • Commercial Drivers License Workforce Programs: HB 911
  • Streamlining Workforce Readiness Programs: HB 1331

Supporting Georgia's No. 1 Industry:

Strengthening our State’s Foster Care and Adoption Systems

  • 10% Provider Rate Increase for Foster Parents, Relative Caregivers, Child Caring Institutions, and Child Placing Agencies: HB 911

Protecting Georgians:

  • Constitutional Carry: SB 319
  • First Lady Marty Kemp's Priority to Crack Down on Human Traffickers: SB 461
  • Gang Prosecution Unit: HB 1134
  • Enhanced Fleeing and Eluding penalties: HB 1216
  • Clarification of Penalties for Possession of Firearms by Felons: SB 479
  • Clarification of penalties for Possession of Child Molestation and Pornography: HB 1188
  • Additional Trooper School Class: HB 911
  • Add Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Degrees to High-Demand Career Initiatives: HB 911
  • $5,000 Raise for State Law Enforcement and State Employees: HB 911

Creating Innovative Healthcare Solutions:

  • Mental Health Parity Act: HB 1013
  • Lowering Insurance Premiums: HB 911
  • Expanding Choices: HB 911
  • Addressing Workforce Shortages for Physicians and Nurses: HB 911


Director of Communications Katie Byrd


Deputy Director of Communications Andrew Isenhour