Atlanta, GA – Governor Brian P. Kemp applauded members of the State Board of Education for voting earlier today to express their opposition to teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Georgia's K-12 classrooms. The board vote followed a letter from Governor Kemp in May urging swift action.

"I applaud the members of the State Board of Education for making it clear this dangerous, anti-American ideology has no place in Georgia classrooms," said Gov. Kemp. "With their vote today, state school board members have ensured education in the Peach State will reflect the freedom, equality, and God-given potential of each individual."

"Today, the State Board of Education took action regarding Critical Race Theory in Georgia’s public schools," said State School Superintendent Richard Woods. "My commitment is to continue uniting communities, families, and educators as we ensure that every child, from every zip code, will receive a great education and have the ability to access and gain opportunities to accomplish anything."

"Today, the State Board of Education adopted a resolution affirming it will work to prevent the promotion of any divisive ideologies based on race or sex from being incorporated into Georgia’s K-12 public education standards," said State Board of Education Chairman Scott Sweeney. "As the state board, we will continue to be focused on educating students rather than indoctrinating students. All teachers, administrators, other employees, and students involved in Georgia education should consistently be treated as individuals endowed with equal, inalienable rights – without respect to race or sex. We will work collaboratively in our relentless commitment to put Georgia’s students first."


Press Secretary Mallory Blount


Deputy Press Secretary Emily Flower