Today, Governor Brian P. Kemp signed HB 146 to provide three weeks of paid parental leave for state employees, including employees of local boards of education.

"Over the past year, state employees have gone above and beyond to deliver essential services and ensure public safety during this unprecedented time," said Governor Kemp. "I am proud to support legislation that will strengthen Georgia's reputation as the top state for business by ensuring state employees can take paid time off when they welcome a new child into their home. From day one of my administration, we have taken action to make employment in state government more welcoming for all Georgians. By signing HB 146, we are continuing to prioritize the people who keep our communities safe, inspect our gasoline, coordinate adoptions, and help your business start and operate."

“This new paid parental leave benefit for state employees and teachers demonstrates our continuing commitment to Georgia’s families as they welcome a new child through birth, adoption or foster placement,” said Speaker David Ralston. “While this measure does not impose any mandate on private businesses, it is our hope that it may also serve as an example for businesses looking to attract and retain the best employees. I want to thank Representative Houston Gaines and his co-sponsors for leading on this important priority for the House. Thanks also to our colleagues in the State Senate and Governor Brian Kemp for joining with us on this important, pro-family bill.”

Watch the Governor's full remarks here.


Deputy Press Secretary Emily Flower


Press Secretary Mallory Blount