Atlanta, GAThe Wall Street Journal reports that President Trump is planning to designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign domestic terrorist organizations (FTOs). Governor Kemp strongly supports the President's efforts to strengthen the nation's fight against the cartel-fueled opioid crisis, violence, and trafficking crippling American families and communities.

"Mexican drug cartels are flooding our streets with drugs, weapons, violence, and fear. They are murdering innocent people, destroying communities, and destabilizing public safety. I applaud President Trump for his efforts to designate these dangerous criminal enterprises as foreign terrorist organizations," said Governor Kemp. "I am proud of our efforts in Georgia to stop and dismantle criminal enterprises. Under the leadership of Georgia Bureau Investigation Director Vic Reynolds, we launched the Gang Task Force to partner with local law enforcement and prosecutors, providing critical resources to keep communities throughout Georgia safe. We will continue to advance policies in the General Assembly that ensure the security of Georgia families - no matter their zip code."

This federal designation, if finalized, offers several benefits, including - but not limited to - heightened public awareness about cartel activities, criminal prosecution of individuals who knowingly provide material support or resources to a cartel, and broadened federal law enforcement authority to freeze or seize assets.

For more information, visit the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Counterterrorism's website.

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