Evia received her BA in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario (1981) and Law degree from Queen's University (1984). She was a practicing commercial real estate attorney with Torkin, Manes, Cohen & Arbus in Toronto, Canada, before moving to Atlanta in 1995. Evia is a tireless Community Advocate raising awareness to help combat the sex trafficking of Georgia's children. She has been involved as a volunteer, fundraiser, and Board Chair of Wellspring Living, a nonprofit that helps women and children who have suffered sexual abuse and exploitation recover and rebuild their lives. In 2016, she was the Co-Chair of the Safe Harbor Ballot Committee. The Committee created and ran the SHY campaign, which helped successfully pass the Safe Harbor Constitution Amendment at the State level to create a permanent fund for victims of exploitation in Georgia. In addition to her work at Wellspring Living, she has been extensively involved in multiple leadership positions at the United Way of Greater Atlanta (UWGA). In 2014 Evia served as the Human Trafficking Committee Chair for Women United Atlanta, a group of 100 + donors who support the work of the UWGA. She was the Tocqueville Women Cabinet Chairperson in 2017 and that year she was the recipient of the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s “Leading a Life of Purpose” Award.