Submit a Commendation Request Form

A commendation recognizes an individual, organization, or specific event, and serves in the same way as a proclamation. It is in no way a lesser recognition from the Governor. It is merely a distinction between recognizing causes and individuals.

The following are guidelines the State of Georgia uses to issue commendations:

  1. A Georgia resident must make the request at least 45 days in advance. In order for this request to be met within that time period, we must have all information provided for us.
  2. All commendations require a legislative referral. We require this as a way of helping to keep legislators informed about special individuals, organizations, or specific events in their districts that may also merit their recognition. Please contact your local legislator (State Representative or State Senator) and let them know that you are submitting the request.
  3. All requests should include your name, address and telephone number as well as background about your organization.
  4. Please send proposed text for your request, including four to six “Whereas” clauses if appropriate.
In the space on the next page, please provide 4-6 Whereas clauses exemplifying what this person or group has done for the State of Georgia: EXAMPLE: Honoring Mr. John Doe on his retirement WHEREAS: Mr. John A. Doe is an exceptional citizen who has diligently served the State of Georgia throughout his career. Mr. Doe is retiring from Main Street Advertising in January, 2016, after 45 years of professional experience and extensive service for the state government and those in need throughout the Southeast; and WHEREAS: Mr. Doe has devoted his time and talent to multiple establishments throughout the community, including the Main Street Academy and Main Street Community Center as a mentor to high school students, showing a true dedication to the children of his local area; WHEREAS: Mr. Doe has acted as a champion for patients with life-threatening illnesses providing encouragement and assistance to those diagnosed with serious diseases. Through his charitable organization, Illness Prevention International, Doe raised funds for multiple hospitals in the Metro Atlanta area, especially focusing on patients experiencing severe financial burdens; and WHEREAS: Mr. Doe sets a shining example as a citizen of Fulton County and Georgia, and it is an honor to recognize him for his efforts and contributions to our state; now THEREFORE: I, NATHAN DEAL, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby commend John A. Doe