Deal ‘encouraged’ by special master’s recommendation in water case

February 14, 2017

Gov. Nathan Deal and Attorney General Chris Carr are encouraged by Special Master Ralph Lancaster Jr.’s recommendation that the U.S. Supreme Court deny Florida’s request for an equitable apportionment of the waters of the ACF Basin. This action is the latest battle in a long-running dispute between the State of Florida and the State of Georgia over the use of the waters of the basin, which is comprised of the Apalachicola River, Chattahoochee River and Flint River.

“We are incredibly pleased with the special master’s recommendation to the Supreme Court of the U.S.” said Deal. “Georgia remains committed to the conservation efforts that make us amicable stewards of our water. We are encouraged by this outcome which puts us closer to finding a resolution to a decades-long dispute over the use and management of the waters of the basin.”

“The special master’s decision is a major step toward securing a victory for Georgia citizens,” said Carr. “The State of Georgia put forth a remarkable and unified effort in this case, and bringing closure to this long-running dispute will ensure that our state has adequate resources to grow and flourish, ensuring economic prosperity for years to come.”