May 13, 2011: Bills Signed by Governor Deal

HB 47:           Insurance across state lines

HB 49:           Technical and adult education, change name

HB 87:           Illegal immigration

HB 90:           Heritage trust properties

HB 92:           Provide limitations for in-person absentee balloting

HB 114:          Abandoned motor vehicles

HB 117:          SOURCE bill

HB 142:          Revise official Code of Georgia Annotated

HB 158:          Change the dates on nonpartisan elections

HB 186:          High school students; expand career pathway options

HB 192:          Establish State Education Finance Study Commission; evaluate formula and funding

HB 214:          Department of Public Health

HB 249:          Provide information to parents of newborns; pertussis disease

HB 313:          Annexation of city of Chatsworth

HB 339:          Emergency powers; challenge of quarantine or vaccination order; revise courts

HB 436:         City of Menlo charter

HB 454:         Presidential preference primary

HB 560:         Dalton-Whitfield Co. Charter and Consolidation Commission

HB 574:         Dalton Independent School System; Board of Education

HB 587:         Levy an excise tax for city of Snellville

HB 589:         City of Peachtree City Public Facilities Authority

HB 591:         City of Waycross, citizens’ right to address city commissioners

HR 95:           Conveyance of certain property; Appling, Burke, Toombs, Upson and other counties

HR 507:         Dedicate Carl Hamrick Memorial Highway; City of Gray

SB 36:           Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

SB 82:           Provide for oaths of election superintendents/supervisors and designees of board of election

SB 93:           DEA drug schedule, banning ‘bath salts’

SB 100:         Excelsior Nursing School and Non-Accredited nursing school licensure of graduates

SR 15:           Joint Committee on Water Supply

SR 30:           DOT; urged to prepare a list of contractors to be utilized during weather emergencies

SR 68:           Science and Technology Strategic Initiative Joint Study Commission

SR 103:         Granting of easements for facilities for public property

SR 114:         Conveyance of real property located in Gwinnett Co. 

SR 312:         Endorse efforts to deepen the ports Savannah, Ga; Charleston, South Carolina

SR 343:         Steve Lance Memorial Intersection dedication