May 12, 2011: Bills Signed by Governor Deal

SB 47:           Georgia Magistrate Courts Training Council         

SB 54:           State Highways signs     

SB 56:           Americus-Sumter Co. Airport Authority

SB 76:           Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission

SB 81:           Licenses for pharmacists

SB 95:           Peace Officers employment history

SB 115:         Foster care payments, child support

SB 121:         Refunding of fees for Department of Natural Resources

SB 125:         Magistrate Court of Jasper Co.

SB 129:         Board of Education for City of Savannah

SB 134:         Guardianship of workers compensation trusts

SB 135:         Render of chiropractic services requirement

SB 139:         Provide for appeals involving nonmonetary judgments in child custody cases

SB 148:         Chatham Co. chairperson term limits 

SB 154:         Sumter Co. Board of Education and School Superintendent

SB 156:         Emergency Telephone Number 9-1-1 System

SB 160:         Political campaigns and elections

SB 172:         Adoption home study requirements

SB 185:         Early Care/Learning; provide emergency closure

SB 190:         Georgia Capitol Museum

SB 211:         Lead poisoning prevention, certain federal regulations

SB 214:         Defines providing an inmate with wireless handset as illegal

SB 237:         New charter; city of Summerville

SB 251:         Change insurance licensure from annual to biennial renewal

SB 252:         Allow Commissioner of Insurance to determine if an insurer meets definition of ‘reinsurer’

SB 254:         Cobb Co.-Marietta Water Authority; change provisions

SB 266:         South Cobb Redevelopment Authority

SB 267:         Coolidge Charter Amendment

SB 270:         City of Eton annexation

SB 271:         Putnam Co. Judiciary

HB 116:         Issuance of debt by companies under PSC

HB 137:         GDOT general provisions/housekeeping bill

HB 145:         Inclusion of ‘dry needling’ in physical therapy

HB 156:         Indemnification payment for injured highway employees

HB 167:         Insurance Delivery Enhancement Act of 2011

HB 179:         Billboard legislation

HB 189:         Non-covered Dental Services Act

HB 261:         Exempt disclosure of certain public records

HB 390:         State’s right of direct appeal in criminal case

HB 410:         Suwanee Charter

HB 423:         Unfair trade practices

HB 549:         Fulton Co. CIDs

HB 552:         Jackson Co. judiciary

HB 562:         Dodge Co. CFO

HB 563:         City of Atlanta excise tax levy 

HB 579:         Norcross city limits

HB 622:         Poulan Charter

HB 623:         Buford excise tax

HB 629:         Hall Co. Family Connection Network

HB 631:         Byron city limits