2017 Legislation

Legislation Description Date
HB 139 Education; provide transparency of financial information of local school systems and schools; provisions April 27, 2017
HB 198 Elementary and secondary education; influenza vaccine; provide information April 27, 2017
HB 224 Quality Basic Education Act; military student may attend any school in local system; provide April 27, 2017
HB 237 Public Education Innovation Fund Foundation; receive private donations for grants to public schools; provisions April 27, 2017
HB 338 Education; system of supports and assistance for low-performing schools in the greatest need; provisions April 27, 2017
HB 37 Education; private postsecondary institutions in Georgia shall not adopt sanctuary policies; provide April 27, 2017
HB 430 Governor's Education Reform Commission; charter schools; implement recommendations April 27, 2017
HB 437 Agricultural Education Advisory Commission; recreate April 27, 2017
SB 186 Education; HOPE; students who earned high school diploma through dual coursework are eligible; associate degree; clarify April 27, 2017
SB 211 Student Assessments;consideration of local reading programs; research based formative assessments; summative component; provide April 27, 2017
HB 196 Income tax; exemption for royalties paid to musical artists; provide April 25, 2017
HB 199 Income tax credit; interactive entertainment companies; change certain provisions April 25, 2017
HB 208 Game and fish; boat registration fees and additional methods for reporting the sale of boats; revise April 25, 2017
HB 265 Income tax; credit for establishing or relocating quality jobs; revise provisions April 25, 2017
HB 342 Enterprise zones; certain urban redevelopment zones; provide designation April 25, 2017
HB 573 Cook County; Probate Court; judge shall have jurisdiction to try misdemeanor cases where defendant waives jury trial and pleads guilty; provide April 20, 2017
HB 264 Georgia World Congress Center Authority; revenue bond capacity; increase April 18, 2017
SB 18 Georgia Public Safety Training Center; any member of security police force; retain his/her weapon and badge under certain conditions April 18, 2017
HB 231 Controlled substances; Schedules I, II, IV and V; change certain provisions April 17, 2017
HB 238 Ad valorem tax; use of property for solar power generation; provide exception to a breach of covenants April 17, 2017
HB 406 Weapons; reciprocity of recognizing and giving effect to licenses to carry from other states; revise requirements April 5, 2017
HB 595 Doraville, City of; DeKalb County; change certain provisions relating to tax levies April 5, 2017
HB 295 Douglas, City of; office of mayor; revise provisions for filling vacancies March 29, 2017
HB 348 Waycross, City of; change corporate limits March 24, 2017
HB 463 Early Care and Learning, Department of; establish nonprofit corporation to qualify as a public foundation; authorize March 24, 2017
HB 283 Revenue and taxation; Internal Revenue Code and Internal Revenue Code of 1986; revise definitions March 21, 2017
SB 124 "City of Decatur Public Facilities Authority Act" March 17, 2017
HB 449 DeKalb County; taxes, fees, and assessments; change certain provisions March 16, 2017
HB 42 Elections; election superintendents to correct mistakes and omissions on ballots for a primary or election; authorize February 23, 2017
HB 272 Villa Rica, City of; ad valorem tax; provide homestead exemption of $8000 for residents 65 and older February 15, 2017
HB 43 Supplemental appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 February 15, 2017
SB 70 Hospital Medicaid Financing Program; sunset provision; extend February 13, 2017
HB 187 Monroe County; Board of Commissioners; provide nonbinding advisory referendum February 9, 2017
SB 13 Jefferson County Hospital Authority; ad valorem tax; provide for a nonbinding advisory referendum February 3, 2017
HB 31 Jefferson County; Board of Commissioners; levy additional ad valorem tax; provide nonbinding advisory referendum January 24, 2017
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