Fostering Hope - A Call to Care

The number of Georgia's children in state custody continues to grow. Innocent and vulnerable, they've been removed from their own homes due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Scared and confused, they are desperate for love, security and the safe and nurturing environment that all children deserve. Yet there is a critical shortage of foster homes, the safe havens that are crucial in helping these young children overcome the trauma and suffering they've experienced. The future of these children, and of our society, depends on how we respond to this crisis.

The video calls upon Georgians to provide foster homes or to adopt one of many children in need. The film is a compelling and emotional look at how lives are changed, even saved, when people answer the call. It presents the stories of the devastating abuse and neglect that many children face - straight from those fighting on the front lines to protect young lives. Foster and adoptive families let viewers into their lives, inspiring them with their unwavering commitment to provide love, guidance and care for children, who may otherwise have become unfortunate victims of circumstance. Most importantly, the film explains how Georgians can get involved -whether by becoming a foster parent, a volunteer, or by encouraging corporations and organizations to lend their support.

Fostering Hope - A Call to Care was produced by the Children and Youth Coordinating Council and the Georgia Department of Human Resources, in association with the First Lady's Children's Cabinet.