2015 Proclamations

February 10, 2015
70th Anniversary of Atlanta Symphony Orchestra1.19 MB
70th Anniversary of the Spirit of '451.03 MB
100th Anniversary of the United States Navy Reserve 1.1 MB
Administrative Professionals Week1.01 MB
Adoption Awareness Month1.05 MB
Adoption Day1021 KB
Adult and Family Literacy Week993.73 KB
Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month 1022.96 KB
American Indian Heritage Month1.04 MB
American Red Cross Month 1.11 MB
Apply to College Month1.05 MB
Arbor Day1.01 MB
Archaeology Month1.06 MB
Arthrogryposis Awareness Day1.03 MB
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month1.07 MB
Assisted Living Week1.04 MB
Ataxia Awareness Day997.11 KB
Autism Awareness Month1.08 MB
Bill of Rights Day1.04 MB
Biomedical Engineering Appreciation Week1.17 MB
Black History Month1.08 MB
Boys and Girls Club Month 1.01 MB
Breastfeeding Awareness Month1.01 MB
Campus Safety Month1009.24 KB
Cancer Registrars Week 1.01 MB
Cancer Survivors Month1.01 MB
Case Management Week1022.87 KB
Career and Technical Education Month1.06 MB
Careers in Construction Week1.02 MB
Caribbean American Heritage Month1.02 MB
Central Service Week1010.87 KB
Certified Government Financial Managers Month1.04 MB
Chiari Malfunction Awareness Month1000.31 KB
Child Abuse Prevention Month1.05 MB
Child Care Provider Appreciation Day1.07 MB
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month1.04 MB
Childhood Immunization Awareness Month 1.06 MB
Childhood Obesity Awareness Day1.05 MB
Childhood Stroke Awareness Month1.03 MB
Children's Dental Health Month990.81 KB
Children's Vision and Learning Month1.02 MB
Christian Heritage Week 1.09 MB
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Month1.08 MB
Chronic Pain Awareness Month1.01 MB
Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis Day1011.79 KB
Community Banking Month1.09 MB
Concrete Pipe Week1.07 MB
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Day 1.05 MB
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week1.06 MB
Constitution Week1.04 MB
Corporate Intellectual Property Week1.06 MB
Credit Union Day1.01 MB
Culture Change Day1.06 MB
Cyber Security Awareness Month1.17 MB
Days of Remembrance1.03 MB
Deaf-Blind Awareness Week1.02 MB
Dental Hygienists Day1020.95 KB
Diabetes Awareness Month 1.01 MB
Disabled Adults and Children Day1.08 MB
Disability Awareness Month1.09 MB
Distracted Driving Awareness Month 1.01 MB
Down Syndrome1.09 MB
Drinking Water Week1.05 MB
Drug Court Month1.01 MB
Dyslexia Awareness Month1.07 MB
Dystonia Awareness Month976.32 KB
Education Support Professionals Day1.08 MB
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome1.03 MB
Elevator and Escalator Safety Awareness Week1006.34 KB
Employee Learning Week1 MB
Endometriosis Awareness Month 1.04 MB
Environmental Health Week1.03 MB
Eye Donor Month 1.02 MB
Fabry Disease Awareness Month1.07 MB
Fair Housing and Equal Employment Opportunity Month1.02 MB
Falls Prevention Awareness Month 1.02 MB
Family and Consumer Sciences Dine In Day1.05 MB
Family Business Day1007.5 KB
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day 1.08 MB
Financial Literacy Month 1.32 MB
Financial Planning Week1015.26 KB
Firefighters Recognition Day1.01 MB
Food Allergy Awareness Week1.09 MB
Food Drive Day1001.43 KB
Gastroschisis Awareness Day1012.8 KB
Georgia Archives Month1.02 MB
Georgia Classics Week 1.03 MB
Georgia Day1.05 MB
Georgia Great Outdoors Month990.01 KB
Georgia Garden Week 1012.32 KB
Georgia Gives Day1.01 MB
Georgia Health Literacy Day1.06 MB
Georgia Pre-K Month1.07 MB
Georgia Rural Health Day1.05 MB
Georgia Safe Boating Week 1.07 MB
Georgia Shape Month1.05 MB
Georgia Telework Week 1.01 MB
Georgia Week for the Animals975.81 KB
Get Fit Don't Sit Day1.03 MB
Girls and Women in Sports Day1.04 MB
Girls in Aviation Day1.06 MB
GOAL Week1.09 MB
Gulla Geechee Cultural Heritage Month1.04 MB
Gum Disease Awareness Month1.06 MB
Haitian Independence Day 1.03 MB
Hispanic Heritage Month1.01 MB
Historic Preservation Month 1.02 MB
Histotechnology Professionals Day 1.04 MB
Hunting and Fishing Day1020.48 KB
International Students Day1004.71 KB
Kinship Care Month1.01 MB
Latex Allergy Awareness Week1.08 MB
Lifeline Awareness Week1.08 MB
Lights on After School Week1.09 MB
Lineman Appreciation Day 1020.46 KB
Literacy Action Week1.03 MB
Long Term Residents' Rights Month1.03 MB
Lupus Awareness Day1.06 MB
Magic Week1.04 MB
Manufacturing Appreciation Week 1.01 MB
Massage Therapy Awareness Week1.01 MB
Master Gardener Day 1.03 MB
Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Month1.11 MB
Mitochondiral Disease Awareness Week1.02 MB
Month of the Young Child1013.77 KB
Municipal Clerks Week 1.01 MB
Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month1.02 MB
Narcolepsy Awareness Day 1006.76 KB
National Day of Service978.22 KB
National Preparedness Month1.03 MB
National Society of High School Scholar's Day 20151.01 MB
Navy Day987.91 KB
Navy Week1.03 MB
NET Cancer Awareness Day1014.47 KB
Nurse Anesthetists Week1013.14 KB
Nurse Appreciation Week 1.1 MB
Nurse Practitioner Week1.02 MB
Nurses Day 1.01 MB
Nursing Home Week1.01 MB
Occupational Nurses Day970.13 KB
Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 20151001.88 KB
Osteopathic Medicine Week 1.06 MB
Outdoor Learning Day 978.14 KB
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day1.01 MB
Parent Engagement Month1006.64 KB
Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month1.01 MB
Patriot Day1.05 MB
Payroll Week1.04 MB
Perioperative Nurse Week1.92 MB
Pest Control Month1016.45 KB
Philippine Independence Day 1.05 MB
Physical Therapist Day1.07 MB
Physical Therapy Month1.01 MB
Plasma Awareness Week1.04 MB
POW/MIA Recognition Week1.1 MB
Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness Month1.14 MB
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month1.03 MB
Preeclampsia Awareness Month1.01 MB
Prescribed Burn Awareness Week1.06 MB
Pretrial, Probation, Parole Supervision Week1.02 MB
Printing and Imaging Week1.05 MB
Problem Gambling Awareness Month1.05 MB
Public Lands Day1.06 MB
Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month1.03 MB
Purchasing Month 1.02 MB
Radon Action Month1.01 MB
Ranger Hotline Day1.02 MB
Rare Diseases Day1.18 MB
REACH Georgia Day1.11 MB
Read Across Georgia Month 1.06 MB
Recycling Works Awareness Day1 MB
Red Ribbon Week1006.28 KB
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Awareness Month1.01 MB
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Awareness Month1.01 MB
Retired Educators Day1.04 MB
Ronald Reagan Day1.02 MB
Rosie the Riveter Day1.02 MB
Safe Digging Month1004.21 KB
School Board Appreciation Week 1.01 MB
School Choice Week 1.07 MB
School Psychology Week1 MB
School Social Work Week 1.04 MB
Severe Weather Awareness Week1.11 MB
Small Business Week1.07 MB
Smoking Cessation Awareness Week1.07 MB
Social Work Month 1.01 MB
Spay and Neuter Awareness Month1 MB
State Employees Recognition Week1.07 MB
Stroke Awareness Month1.01 MB
Student Council Week1.01 MB
Summer Food Service Program Week1.03 MB
Surgical Technologist Week1.01 MB
Syringomyelia Awareness Month1.03 MB
Taiwanese American Heritage Week 1.06 MB
Teacher Appreciation Month1.03 MB
The Salvation Army Week1.05 MB
Toys for Tots1.06 MB
Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 1.01 MB
Ukraine Independence Day 1.01 MB
Utility Contractors Safety Day992.13 KB
Veterans Day1.09 MB
Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag Month1.01 MB
Vietnam Veterans Day 1.01 MB
Water Safety Month1.02 MB
We Card Awareness Month1.05 MB
Weatherization Day1.07 MB
Winter Weather Preparedness Week1.12 MB
World Marriage Day1.01 MB
Youth Art Month 1 MB