2014 Proclamations

September 22, 2014
23rd Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence 1.05 MB
50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964337.31 KB
70th Commemoration of D-Day1.15 MB
100th Anniversary Celebration of Association County Commissioners of Georgia1.09 MB
100th Anniversary of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States1.1 MB
150th Anniv. of the Battle of Griswoldville 1.05 MB
Administrative Professionals Week1.07 MB
Adoption Day1 MB
Adult Education and Family Literacy Week 1013.94 KB
Adult Immunization Awareness Month 1.1 MB
African Immigrant Health and Heritage Month 1.04 MB
Air Quality Awareness Week1.09 MB
Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month 1.05 MB
Alpha-1 Awareness Month1013.67 KB
ALS Awareness Month 1.08 MB
Alternative Education Day1.06 MB
American Eagle Day1010.3 KB
American Indian Heritage Month1.09 MB
Archaeology Month1.05 MB
Asian-Pacific American Heritage Day1.08 MB
ATAXIA Awareness Day 1.94 MB
Autism Awareness Month1.1 MB
Aviation Appreciation Month 1.1 MB
Balloon Month 1.08 MB
Baton Twirling Week 990.8 KB
BattleFrog Day789.09 KB
Black History Month1.11 MB
Big Pig Jig Weekend 1.03 MB
Bill of Rights Day 1.05 MB
Brain Injury Awareness Month1.02 MB
Breast Cancer Awareness Month1.01 MB
Breastfeeding Awareness Month 1.04 MB
Building Safety Month1.11 MB
Bullying Prevention Month 1.02 MB
Business Cybersecurity Day1.11 MB
Buy From Georgia Month1.01 MB
Campus Fire Safety Month 1.02 MB
Cancer Registrars Week1.01 MB
Career and Technical Education Month1.06 MB
Caribbean American Heritage Moth1.02 MB
Case Management Week1.05 MB
Celebrating Service Week1010.78 KB
Celiac Disease Month1.08 MB
Certified Government Financial Managers Month1.06 MB
Cesarean Awareness Month1.01 MB
Change of Command - Incoming 20141.06 MB
Change of Command - Outgoing 20141.06 MB
Charter Public Schools Week 1.07 MB
Chiari Malformation Awareness Month 1.07 MB
Child Abuse Prevention Month1.09 MB
Childhood Apraxia Day1.1 MB
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month1.08 MB
Childhood Stroke Awareness Day1.02 MB
Children's Dental Health Month 997.55 KB
Children's Mental Health Week1.03 MB
Children's Vision and Learning Month 1.07 MB
Chiropractic Month1.11 MB
Christian Heritage Week 1.1 MB
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 1.01 MB
Community Banking Month1.15 MB
Confederate History Month 1.17 MB
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Day 1.07 MB
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week1.07 MB
Constitution Week1.07 MB
Correctional Officers Week1000.63 KB
County Clerks Week1.03 MB
Culture Change Day 1.07 MB
Cyber Security Awareness Month1.21 MB
Cystic Fibrosis Month1.09 MB
DAD's Day Weekend749.11 KB
Dandy-Walker Syndrome and Hydrocephalus Awareness Month1.04 MB
Day of the Cowboy1.04 MB
Day of Prayer in Georgia1.07 MB
Days of Remembrance1.07 MB
Dental Health Day 1014.77 KB
Delta Air Lines Day 784.61 KB
Dental Hygienist Day 1.03 MB
Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week 1.14 MB
Disability Awareness Day1.11 MB
Drinking Water Week1.05 MB
Drug Court Month1.02 MB
Dyslexia Awareness Month1.14 MB
Dystonia Awareness Month 1006.48 KB
Education Week1.09 MB
Electrical Safety Month1015.98 KB
Elevator Week 947.95 KB
Emergency Medical Services Week1.09 MB
Emergency Nurses Week 1.06 MB
Estuaries Week 1.01 MB
Eye Donor Month1.03 MB
Fabry Disease Awareness1.07 MB
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Month1.01 MB
Falls Prevention Day 1.06 MB
Family and Consumer Sciences Day 1.07 MB
Family Child Care Matters1.06 MB
Farmers Market Week1.01 MB
FBLA-PBL Week690.36 KB
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day1.08 MB
Financial Literacy Month1.33 MB
Financial Planning Week 1.01 MB
Firefighters Recognition Day 1.04 MB
Fix A Leak Week1.05 MB
Food Allergy Awareness Proclamation1.09 MB
Gastroschisis Day1 MB
Georgia Arbor Day1.06 MB
Georgia BBQ Contests1007.63 KB
Georgia Classics Week1.04 MB
Georgia Day1.08 MB
Georgia Garden Week1.03 MB
Georgia Safe Boating Week1.13 MB
Georgia STEM Day 1.07 MB
Georgia Women Veterans Day 788.88 KB
Gifted Education Month 1 MB
Girl Scout Cookie Day 1.05 MB
Girls and Women in Sports Day 1.04 MB
Great Outdoors Month1011.61 KB
Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Month 1.1 MB
Haitian Independence Day 1.01 MB
Healthcare Technology Management Professionals Week1.09 MB
Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week1.04 MB
Hepatitis Awareness Month1.15 MB
HerWorld Day1.11 MB
Hispanic Heritage Month 1.03 MB
Historic Preservation Month1.02 MB
Histotechnology Professionals Day1.03 MB
Homeless Veterans & Veterans Support Day1.02 MB
Howard "Bo" Callaway Day 1.12 MB
Institute of Higher Education Day 1.14 MB
International Students Day 1021.99 KB
Internet Essentials Day 1.08 MB
Investors 1st Day998.98 KB
Jackie Russell Gober1.03 MB
Kidney Disease Awareness and Education Week 1.07 MB
Korean American Day 1.1 MB
Lacrosse Day 993.65 KB
Law Enforcement Appreciation Day836.21 KB
Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Day1.08 MB
Licensed Practical Nurses Week 1.06 MB
Lights On Afterschool Week 1.11 MB
Literacy Action Week 1.06 MB
Lupus Awareness Day 1.09 MB
Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Month1.24 MB
Lynch Syndrome Cancer Awareness Day1.04 MB
Manufacturing Appreciation Week1.03 MB
March of Remembrance1.07 MB
Marriage Week1 MB
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 1.1 MB
Master Gardener Day1.08 MB
Maternal Mental Health1.06 MB
Memorial Day 995.88 KB
Men's Health Week1016.99 KB
Mental Health Awareness Motnh1.05 MB
Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1.12 MB
Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 1.06 MB
Month of the Young Child1.02 MB
Multiracial Heritage Week1.08 MB
Municipal Clerks Week1.05 MB
Narcolepsy Awareness Day1004.16 KB
NET Cancer Awareness Day 1.01 MB
NPM Proclaimation 2.03 MB
Nurse Anesthetist Week1.01 MB
Nurse Appreciation Week1.09 MB
Nurse Appreciation Week - Corrections Board1.06 MB
Nursing Assistants' Week1019.68 KB
Office Furniture Day1.04 MB
Operation Lifesaver Month1.09 MB
Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week 1017.99 KB
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 1.12 MB
Paralegal Week 1 MB
Parental Alienation Awareness Week 1018.24 KB
Parent Engagement Month1.02 MB
Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month1 MB
Patriot Day1.08 MB
Pest Control Month1.02 MB
Philippine Independence Day1.04 MB
Physical Therapy Month1.1 MB
Physician Assistant Week1.92 MB
Pirates Day on Lake Lanier821.95 KB
Plasma Awareness Week 1.07 MB
Police Week1.06 MB
POW/MIA Recognition Day1.12 MB
Preeclampsia Awareness Month1.02 MB
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month 1.06 MB
Prescribed Fire Awareness Week 1.1 MB
Probation Parole Community Supervision Officers Week1.05 MB
Professional Social Work Month1.01 MB
Public Works Week1 MB
Purchasing Month1.03 MB
Purple Heart Week 1.1 MB
Radon Action Month1.01 MB
Ranger Hotline Day 1.06 MB
Rare Diseases Day1.18 MB
Read Across Georgia Month1.12 MB
Red Ribbon Week1.04 MB
Registered Nurse Appreciation Day1.08 MB
Rehabilitation Counselors Appreciation Day1.08 MB
Respect for Human Life983.97 KB
Retired Educators Day 1.09 MB
Ronald Reagan Day 1.05 MB
Rosie the Riveter Day1.02 MB
Safe Digging Month1.02 MB
Safe Digging Month 1.02 MB
Saint Patrick's Day1.05 MB
Schizencephaly Awareness Day1.04 MB
School Board Appreciation Week 1.01 MB
School Choice Week1.06 MB
School Counseling Week 1.06 MB
School Social Work Week 1.06 MB
Scoliosis Awareness Month1.05 MB
Senior Awareness Day1.13 MB
Severe Weather Awareness Week 1.13 MB
Sexual Assault Month1 MB
Small Business Saturday1.09 MB
Small Business Week1.09 MB
Square Dance Month1.08 MB
State Employees Recognition Week1.07 MB
Stroke Awareness Day 1.06 MB
Subluxation Awareness Month1.01 MB
Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week 1.16 MB
Surveying and Mapping Week1.03 MB
Tartan Day1.02 MB
Teach For America Week1.11 MB
Teacher Appreciation Week 1.03 MB
Toastmasters Month1.06 MB
Tom Forkner Day696.67 KB
Tourette's Syndrome Awareness Month1.03 MB
Traffic Incident Management Day1.07 MB
U.S. Marshals Day 1.09 MB
Utility Contractors Safety Day1017.61 KB
Vascular Nurses Week 1.05 MB
Vasculitis Moth 1.05 MB
Veterans Day1.12 MB
Vidalia Onion Festival Days1.08 MB
Vietnam Veterans Day1.11 MB
Vitiligo Month994.95 KB
Water Safety Month1.01 MB
Welsh Heritage Day1.04 MB
World AIDS Day 1.06 MB
World Marriage Day 1.01 MB
WWII Merrill's Marauder Day1.17 MB
XPRESS Week1.06 MB