Ceremonial Document Request Forms

To request a commendation, proclamation or military retirement certificate from the Governor, please fill out one of the provided forms below.

  • All requests must be submitted for consideration at least 45 days before the document is needed.
  • Guidelines for proclamations and commendations are on the respective request forms.
  • Along with your proclamation or commendation request, please submit draft language.
  • All language is subject to review by our office and we reserve the right to decline requests that fail to meet review guidelines.

To submit a commendation request, please send the form below to your legislator.

Contact information for submission below:

Email: proclamations@georgia.gov

Mailing Address
Office of the Governor Nathan Deal
Attn: Proclamations
206 Washington St SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

Fax: 404-657-7332

Notice: Letters, attachments and other documents sent to our office are retained for review and later archived or placed in off-site storage. It is suggested that those writing in do not include original documents of which these documents are the only copies.